3 Badminton Tips: How to Smash

Badminton Smash

Badminton Smash

To play badminton well, it is important to know more than simply how to smash. You must also know how to drop, drive, clear and defend. While smashing is glamorous, it is not, by itself, enough.

Here are three tips that will help you improve your badminton smashes.

Tip 1: Relax Your Grip

Gripping the racquet too tightly reduces racquet head speed and cuts down on the whipping action that is essential for generating power. Relax your wrist and your grip. Allow the momentum that you generate at the beginning of the stroke to build and carry through the contact point.

Be sure, too, to grip the racquet correctly. In general, use a forehand grip for forehand smashes and a backhand grip for backhand smashes.

Tip 2: Smash Down

The closer you are to the net, the more downward you will be able to smash the shuttle. Keep this in mind when you set up. When you are close to the net, your contact point will be lower and more forward than when you are closer to the back of the court.

If you know how to jump, then jump. This will allow you to get even higher in the air and create an even greater downward angle.

Tip 3: Smashing Action

Rotate around the spine, not the waist when you smash in badminton. This will significantly increase your power. Think of it as coming around into the shot, not coming over the top. By recruiting your core muscles and coming around on a smash, you reduce the strain on your rotator cuff. You also bring larger muscles — and therefore more power — into play.

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