Cosom Indoor Pickleballs – Package of 3

Cosom indoor pickleball balls are officially approved for use in Canada. Of the three different balls currently approved by the Canadian Pickleball Federation, this ball is the lightest. Both the Dura pickleball and the Jugs pickleball are heavier.

Cosom Indoor Pickleballs – Advantages and Disadvantages

Because Cosom pickleballs are the lightest of the three official balls, they are the most easily influenced by the wind. For this reason, Racquet Network does not recommend this ball for use outdoors unless conditions are perfectly calm. And because they are designed to be lighter, less material is used in making Cosom pickleball balls. The result is a thinner ball that is less durable than either the Jugs pickleball or Dura pickleball.

Cosom Pickleball Ball

Cosom Pickleball Ball

On the plus side, the lower density of Cosom balls makes them safer than other balls. When players are hit with Cosom balls, they are less likely to suffer from bruises or welts. This makes them a popular choice for pickleball programs with seniors and small children. In addition to this, Cosom pickleballs come in a unique range of six different colours which make them easier to see in gyms with hardwood floors and/or white walls.

Cosom Indoor Pickleballs – Low Bounce

Cosom pickleball balls do not bounce up as high as other brands. This makes them ideal for programs with children under 8 because it allows them to contact the ball at waist height consistently.

Cosom Indoor Pickleballs – Colours

Cosom balls are available in six colours, including red, blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. All six colours are heavily saturated making them easier to see than either Jugs or Dura pickleballs. Balls can be ordered by colour or in assorted packages. Customers can save money on shipping by ordering boxes of eight balls. Institutions can save money by purchasing them in cases of 25.

FEATURES of Cosom Indoor Pickleballs
  • comes in 6 colours
  • best ball for kids under 8
  • recommended for indoor use only
HOW TO ORDER Cosom Pickleball Balls

Order directly from our website by selecting your product and clicking ADD TO CART below. Order by telephone during regular business hours (Mountain Time) at 403-238-0687. Community centres, schools and other institutional buyers in Canada may also set up accounts and order via purchase orders or invoices.

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