Social Ladders

Social Ladders

Social Ladders make it easy to find active players

Social Ladders are at the heart of Racquet Network’s FREE PUBLIC GROUPS.

Social Ladders are where players go to

  • connect with each other
  • play games
  • report scores
  • earn rewards
Choosing a Social Ladder

Which Social Ladder should you join? Start by identifying where you live and what you want to play.

For example, if you live in TORONTO, ON, and you play SQUASH then you will want to join the TORONTO ON SQUASH NETWORK & SOCIAL LADDER.

If you live in HOUSTON, TX, and you want to play TENNIS, you should join the HOUSTON TX TENNIS NETWORK & SOCIAL LADDER.

We have dozens of Social Ladders. Our staff are creating new Social Ladders every day.

In fact, Racquet Network is prepared to create a SOCIAL LADDER for every city/sport combination in the world. If we haven’t created one for your city/sport yet, just ask us. We’ll do it within 72 hours.

Features of Social Ladders

Every Social Ladder in our system has the same five basic features:

1. A list of members through which players can find and contact each other
2. A reporting page through which scores are reported to our database
3. A standings page which ranks players according to their sociability
4. An activity stream that updates players on what other members are doing and saying
5. An image gallery through which players can share images

Social Ladders make it easy to sort out the players from the wannabes. The MEMBERS page will show you everybody who has joined the ladder. But if you want to find out who is actually playing, check the STANDINGS page to find out how many games they have played.

Social Ladder Ranking System

Racquet Network Social Ladders feature a unique ranking system that ranks players according to sociability. The more social players are, the higher they are ranked on our Social Ladders. By putting these members at the top of the ladder where everybody can see them, we make it easier for new players to find other active players who are willing to play.

How to Join a Social Ladder

1. Locate the SEARCH tool near the top right corner of the screen.
2. Change the drop down menu to GROUPS.
3. Type in the name of your city.
4. Press the SEARCH button.

This will create a list of all of the groups we have created for your city. Simply open up the group you want and press the JOIN GROUP button.

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