What is Team Pickleball?

Team Pickleball

Team Pickleball

Team pickleball is a fun and highly social way for pickeball players to get together and play recreational/competitive pickleball for 90 to 120 minutes on two courts. It is followed by snacks and beverages courtesy of the losing team.

Team Pickleball Format

Each team consists of four players (two men and two women) and generally requires two courts.

The agenda for each event is as follows:

Round 1

Court 1 – Men’s Doubles
Court 2 – Women’s Doubles

Round 2

Court 1 – Mixed Doubles
Court 2 – Mixed Doubles

Team Pickleball Rules:

A match consists of four best-of-five sets: one men’s doubles, one women’s doubles and two mixed doubles.

The team that wins three of the four sets is declared the winner.

In the event of a split (two sets each), the team that wins the most games is the winner.

If, after counting all of the games won, the score remains tied, the team with the greatest number of total points is the winnner.

If, after counting all of the points won, the score still remains tied, the match is recorded as a tie.

Team Pickleball is a great way for clubs to get together and challenge each other. Traditionally, club teams will play home and home. In other words, each team takes turns hosting the other team.

When there are four or more pickleball clubs active in a city or region, Team Pickleball can even be run as a league.

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