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Calgary Interclub Squash League | Squash Racquet Stringing Deals

Racquet Network is highly supportive of Calgary Interclub Squash League and other squash groups in Calgary. If you visit us in-store you will see that we do not hesitate to promote the league to squash players who are looking for places to play. We also support Calgary Interclub Squash League squash players by offering awesome racquet stringing services such as those listed below.

Free Racquet Stringing

Our cheapest option is free. That’s right, free. Frequent players who are actively trying to help Calgary Interclub Squash League grow their squash program are rewarded with free labour on their personal racquets. Depending on the player and what their contributions have been recently, we may reward them with free labour on single racquet as a one-time thing or we may string all of their racquets for free all of the time.

We even have a program that allows coaches, parents and active players access to our stringing machine after hours so that they can string their own racquets. In short, we are good to people who are good to us.

Cheap Racquet Stringing

Players who have not made a significant contribution to the growth of Calgary Interclub Squash League or other squash clubs in Calgary are required to pay the usual fees for stringing services, but that doesn’t mean they have to pay full price for custom stringing services every time they come in. In fact, we offer a number of low-price options for Calgary Interclub Squash League members.

Our best know economy option is our Stringing-On-the-Spot program which runs from 5:00-8:00pm every weekday. We also offer a “Just the Basics” program and another program for frequent string breakers.

Surprise Bonuses

Calgary Interclub Squash League members who frequent our On-the-Spot stringing program, are sometimes surprised to find out that we have deducted an additional 20% to 100% off of their already low stringing bill. We call these unannounced Customer Appreciation nights and we hold them once a week every week.

During these random, unannounced customer appreciation events, we check five major review sites while we are stringing each customer’s racquet. If we see positive reviews that match the customer’s name, we knock off 20% for each. This is our way of showing our appreciation for customers who are out there saying nice things about us.

Bulk Stringing

Schools, groups and squash clubs, like Calgary Interclub Squash League, can enjoy the benefit of strength in numbers because they can access our bulk stringing programs.

Custom Stringing

Price is not everything, though. Most of our players still want custom stringing so that they can have their racquet customized to their individual specifications. Therefore also offer customize and express options. The good news is that players who want custom stringing always have the option of pre-ordering online and getting online discounts that are not available to walk in customers.

Whatever your squash racquet stringing needs, Racquet Network can help. We offer more options at more price points than anybody else in Calgary. Whether you want it cheap, fast, generic or customized, we have the answer. And if you help us build our business, we will help you save even more in return.