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Covid 19 Information

We want our staff and customers to feel safe and 100% confident that our store is not a source of Covid infections.

Our store staff have been instructed to assume that every customer they deal with is infected with the Covid virus.

They have also been instructed to act as if they themselves are infected.

The primary assumptions underlying our Covid mitigation policies are

  1. that the virus spreads when people talk and
  2. that indoor conversations carry the highest degree of risk.

Therefore our primary goal is to minimize face-to-face conversations and to keep transactions outside of the store whenever possible.

We will not jeopardize the health of our staff or customers just to make a buck. Therefore our policies are non-negotiable.

While this may be inconvenient, it is also safe. We sincerely hope that our customers understand and appreciate these efforts.


Face-to-face communication

Covid-19 is spread primarily via face-to-face conversations. Therefore, face-to-face conversations with store staff will be strictly limited until this crisis is over.

Our front door is now locked during business hours. It is opened only to customers who have made appointments and who are wearing face masks.

Customers who do not have appointments who wish to speak to staff can safely do so by email to

In order to ensure that communications are clear, accurate, and safe for everyone, we will be serving most customers by email only.

Please send us an email. We will respond during business hours.

We appreciate that this may require a degree of advanced planning that will make some people uncomfortable, but we believe this is the best way to prevent the spread of the virus.

Online order pickups

Customers who do not have in-store appointments may place orders online. These orders can be shipped to homes/businesses or picked up in-store by appointment.

When orders are ready for pickup we will notify customers by email to arrange a pickup time.

At the appointed time, customers may pick their orders up from the bin outside our front door. (Please note: the bin is monitored by an HD security camera.)

Pickup appointments are spaced by 15 minutes so that customers are not accessing the bin at the same time. Please be courteous and pick your order up at the appointed time. Do not come early. Do not come late.

If you arrive early, please wait in your car until the appointed time. If you are going to be late, notify us by email and reschedule your pickup.

The bin is wiped down before and after every scheduled pickup.

Shoe Fittings

In-store service for shoe fittings are available by appointment.

Everyone entering the store for a fitting must be wearing a mask.

In general, only one customer may be in the store at a time. In the event of a child who requires a shoe fitting, we will permit a single guardian to accompany the child provided the guardian waits on the couch while the fitting is in progress. Hovering during the shoe fitting is not permitted.

Appointments will be staggered in order to prevent airborne virus spread. All appointments will start on the hour and will be limited to 45 minutes. Appointments must be made by email to

Racquet Stringing Services

Customers who want racquets strung must place their orders online.

We arrange a drop off time during store hours. Customers bring their racquets to the store and place them in the bin outside our front door.

When racquets are ready for pickup, we contact customers to arrange a pickup time. Completed racquets are picked up from the bin.

Store Hours

Our store hours are in flux right now. Please do a Google search (Racquet Network) to see our store hours. These hours will be updated every morning by 6:00 am.


If everyone follows these rules, we will be able to guarantee that staff and customers will not become infected doing business at Racquet Network’s store.

Thank you for following our inflexible Covid-19 rules. We are all in this together.


Staff are screened for Covid-19 symptoms before every shift.

Staff uniforms are washed between shifts.

The store is thoroughly cleaned daily.

Our store is set up to prevent customers from handling most merchandise.

Hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol is available to staff and customers.

PPE is provided to staff.

When face-to-face conversations do occur, most of these occur outside on the sidewalk in front of our store.