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Custom Stringing vs Discount Stringing

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Ian asks: “Why does custom stringing cost more than discount stringing?”

The one-word answer is: efficiency.

Discount stringing customers save money because they have fewer options. Our stringers can stack up a bunch of discount stringing racquets for five or six days and then bang them all out at the same time without having to stop and reset custom machine tension and custom string options like they do when they do custom stringing. Efficiency saves time. Time is money.

When professional technicians are doing custom racquet stringing, on the other hand, the process is much slower. It is a more careful and deliberate process. Racquet technicians don’t just bang out custom string jobs. They are required to stop and check the custom spec sheet before starting every racquet.


They strip the racquet of all string and head tape. They clean the frame, remove all tape residue and inspect it. They check to see if any grommets are missing and formulate a repair plan. Often, at this point, they have to stop and call the customer to consult with them about how they want their grommets repaired.

Once they have mapped out the road ahead, including repairs, they set up the string and the tension on the machine and start weaving. When they are done weaving and repairing, they have another stringer verify the weave and the repairs to ensure that everything is perfect. If any flaws are found in the weave or the repairs, they back up and correct everything before tying off.

Once the racquet is done, they enter the notes in the customer file and notify the customer by email. All of this takes time and expertise, but it guarantees that we meet customer specifications exactly.

In short, custom stringing is a craft while discount stringing is an assembly line. Racquet Network is happy to offer both stringing options to our customers.

Custom Stringing vs Discount Stringing Table

String options Choose from all strings None
Colour options Choose from all colours None
Tension options Choose from full range None
Grommet repairs Minor repairs included free None
Head tape removal Included free None
Frame cleaning Included free None
Service Options
  • online option
  • in store option
  • online only
Turnaround options
  • one hour
  • one day
  • one week
  • one week
Notifications By email None
Early pickup options Permitted Not permitted
Warranty options Two weeks (labour only) None
Sponsorship credits Automatic with online orders None