Brand Partnerships

Racquet Network takes the issue of Brand Partnership very seriously. While many stores will sell just about anything, Racquet Network doesn’t. Instead, we focus our energies on carrying exclusive brands with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, the best customer service and the soundest business practices.

While many sporting goods stores will cherry-pick a handful of the most popular or profitable items from several brand lines to offer their customers, Racquet Network starts with the best brands and then goes deep. In other words, if a brand is good enough to become a Brand Partner, we offer their full line of products and services relevant to our customers. Our corporate philosophy with respect to brand partnerships is simple: we would rather offer everything from three awesome brands than a few things from 30 different brands.


In order to be considered as Brand Partners, brands must meet the following conditions:

1. Offer top quality items with high levels of customer satisfaction.
2. Back their products up with reasonable warranties and excellent warranty service.
3. Offer replacement parts for their stringed racquets.
4. Have and enforce reasonable pricing policies amongst all of their retailers.
5. Restrict their sales to bricks-and-mortar retailers only. No bag/trunk sellers; No online-only retailers.
6. Have limited SKUs in box stores and chain sporting goods stores.


While most sporting goods stores use brand names and logos to attract customers through their doors and then sell those customers cheap house brands and knock offs purchased directly from factories overseas, Racquet Network does not operate that way. We carry only brand names. We do not compete with those brands in-store by importing junk. We are loyal to our partners and do our best to work with them to help build their brands.

The process of getting a SKU or two into our store can take months or years. It can then take more time to become a full Brand Partner. But once a brand is officially recognized as a Brand Partner, they are assured of several things. First, Racquet Network will carry their full line of relevant products. Second, we will spend a huge amount of time and energy educating our staff about their products and services. And finally, they will be heavily featured in our promotional and social media activities.

Perhaps the biggest benefit we can offer to our Brand Partners is account stability. By committing to us, Brands Partners earn a partner who is committed to them and who works incredibly hard to service their brand and build loyalty amongst our customer base.


The following brands are recognized as participating brand partners:

1. Yonex
2. Babolat
3. Tecnifibre