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Intro to Shoe Fittings in our Retail Store

Our retail store offers two different kinds of shoe service.

  1. General shoe fittings
  2. Trying on shoes that you have ordered online

Before you book an appointment for shoe service, it is important to understand what a general shoe fitting is and whether or not you should request one.

Who shoe fittings are for

Shoe fittings in the store are for customers who are seeking “a” shoe. When they come in for their appointment, our fitting experts determine the length, width and shape of their foot. They are then shown everything we have in-store at that moment that can be used for the context in which they are playing.

At no time can we guarantee that any particular brand, model, size, colour, or price point will be available to try on. Nor would we consider offering advice on a shoe that is not present in the store but may be available online.

With that in mind we do not offer shoe fittings for specific models because we cannot guarantee that we will have the one shoe that the customer wants in the size and color that they want.

Who shoe fittings are not for

Shoe fittings are not for customers who are looking for a specific shoe.

Customers who want a specific shoe may order that specific shoe on our website in a specific size/colour and choose SHIP TO STORE. Once that specific shoe arrives in store, they are notified so that they can make an appointment to come in and try that specific shoe on.

At that point they may keep it or decline it. If they decline it, a refund will be issued within three business days.

This service option is available, but it is not considered a “shoe fitting”. It is considered an online order with an in-store pickup option. It is a service offered for online customers who rightfully fear buying a shoe online that doesn’t fit.

However, this is not a shoe fitting because you are not being assisted by an expert. In this situation, you are making your own decisions about whether or not the shoe fits. You are not getting advice from an expert.

Customers who want to browse

It is also important to understand that our store is not a self-serve retail sporting goods store in which customers come in and handle the merchandise and then leave it for our staff to restock.

We are not set up for browsing because we do not do business that way. Customers who want simply to browse, can do that online.

Our clients rely on our experts to help them find shoes that fit and that are perfect for the sport they are playing. We can’t do that if we have to spend all of our time cleaning up and re-boxing inventory behind browsers who are “just looking”. For that reason, we are not a browser-friendly store. We are unequivocally a service counter staffed by experts.

When you know you are ready

So, please. Take a few minutes to understand what a shoe fitting is before you request an appointment for a shoe fitting. If you are still in the just-looking stage or the maybe/maybe-not stage, then this is not the right time to ask for a fitting.

If you are “just shopping” or “just browsing, you can do that online.

If you are particular about the brand, model, or colour, then you are welcome to order it online and try it on before you commit to it.

When you get to a point where you must have a pair of shoes that fit properly and will work on the surface you are playing on, then that is the time to request an appointment for a general shoe fitting. Our staff will help you sort through our selection for something that is right for you.

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