Wilson Pickleball Paddles

Wilson makes a full range of pickleball paddles. Their quality is on par with the best brands in the world. However, their prices are lower than most premium brands and they offer a very forgiving one-year warranty.

You may hear from some people say that Wilson paddles are “not very good”. This is part of a whisper campaign created by pickleball ambassadors to harm Wilson’s reputation back when they first started making low-priced paddles in China.

You can ignore these rumors. They are nonsense. Wilson paddles are now made by Engage, one of the best US based pickleball paddle manufacturers in the world. They are as good or better than any brand in the world.

If you need help choosing a pickleball paddle, please come into our store and consult with our knowledgeable staff. If you cannot visit our store, please use our online racquet selector.

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Showing all 5 results