Another Yelp Offer

In addition to our regular Yelp check in offer, which is available through the Yelp app on your phone, we offer a second check in offer that is specifically for long term Yelp users with established profiles and an extant history of service reviews.

This is why we are doing this …

For reasons that are beyond our control, Yelp is hiding our best Yelp reviews from real customers on their NOT RECOMMENDED page.

 All of our four- and five-star Yelp reviews are NOT RECOMMENDED, in spite of the fact that they come from real customers who expressed real thoughts about the services we offer.

While we currently have nearly 100 five-star reviews on other social media sites, including Facebook and Google, the only reviews that Yelp is showing on our Yelp business listing are negative reviews.

We don’t think this is fair and we are appealing to Yelpers to come and check us out with this special check in offer.



If you are a Yelp user who meets the following criteria, we offer a special, in-store-only deal for custom racquet re-stringing.

Specifically, if you purchase a string set at regular (full) price and we will give you free base labour on custom string installation (value: $20.00). Limit: one racquet per customer BUT this is in addition to our regular Yelp check in offer.

Here are the conditions:

1. Your Yelp profile must indicate that you have been a Yelp member for at least two months (to prove to Yelp that we did not recruit you to join Yelp).

2. Your Yelp profile must include a photo of your face that is clearly visible (to prove to Yelp that you are a real person).

3. The first name and last initial on your photo id must match the name/initial on your Yelp profile (to prove to Yelp that you are who you say you are).

4. You must have at least 20 published reviews, at least one at each level (1-star, 2-star, etc. — to prove to Yelp that you are a credible Yelp user).

5. You must check in and upload an image from your visit (to prove to Yelp you were here).

Finally, a reservation is required for this service. Please send an email titled YELP OFFER to to set up a service reservation for this very special offer.

Of course, we cannot, will not and do not ask you to review us on Yelp in exchange for this offer because that would be against the rules.

We simply want an opportunity to demonstrate to Yelp reviewers that more than 99% of the racquets that we string for customers are done right and are ready to pick up earlier than promised.


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