Monthly Prize Draw

Five stars reviewers are automatically entered into a monthly prize draw for a prize that is always valued at $100.00 or more.


We genuinely appreciate customers who post truthful, positive reviews about our business online. Every month, we create a list of legitimate five-star reviews and then choose one of these reviews by lottery. The person who created that review is then rewarded with a prize.

Some review platforms, such as Yelp and the BBB, do not allow us to give prizes to customers who have given us positive reviews. Therefore in compiling our monthly list of eligible reviews, we automatically exclude reviews from Yelp, the BBB and all other platforms that prohibit such reward programs.

The Rules

In order to qualify for our monthly prize draw, each five-star review must be verifiable and must meet the following criteria:

  1. review must be about an actual transaction either online or in-store that occurred in the past 365 days
  2. review must provide some verifiable details of the transaction, including the name of at least one employee who helped the reviewer during their visit
  3. review must be in customer’s name, including first and last name
  4. reviewer’s first/last name must match a first/last name in our customer files
  5. the details of the review must be corroborated by a sales receipt or invoice
  6. anonymous reviews, reviews with false usernames and stars-only reviews cannot be counted because they cannot be verified

Racquet Network does not want false reviews, either positive or negative. However, we appreciate and encourage positive reviews from real customers whose reviews can be corroborated through customer files and transaction records. All such customers are eligible for monthly prize draws and for deep discounts for on-the-spot stringing during Customer Appreciation Events.


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