Tecnifibre Absolute Squash Eyewear

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Tecnifibre Absolute Squash Eyewear.




Prevent eye injuries with Tecnifibre Absolute Squash Glasses. These stylish and comfortable frames house a vented anti fog lens and are approved by the World Squash Federation. They include a soft carrying case to prevent damage or scratches while being transported.

Eye injuries are the most common injuries suffered by racquet sports players. In the past year, serious eye injuries have occurred in squash, badminton, pickleball and racquetball. Most of these injuries could have been prevented with protective eye wear.

Tecnifibre Absolute Squash glasses deal with the issue of fogging in three ways. First, small vents are built in to the lenses between the frame to allow moisture to escape. Second, channels are built into the nose piece in order to allow sweat to run off while providing a comfortable fit. As a final safeguard, the inside of the lenses themselves are lined with an anti-fog coating.

If you are a heavy sweater who suffers from persistent lens fogging, consider buying a package of hockey visor wipes. Before playing, clean your lenses with an anti-fog wipe. Then stop between every game and thoroughly towel off your face and hair.

Since most lens scratching occurs between matches when your glasses are in your bag, Tecnifibre includes a micofiber carrying pouch with every pair. By storing your Tecnifibre glasses in this pouch, you will be able to keep them scratch free for years. As an added bonus, Tecnifibre coats the insides and outsides of all lenses with anti-scratch coatings. This will prevent most minor scratches than can occur during lens cleaning.

Wash your lenses with water to flush away small, gritty particles. Water will also act as a lubricant which will further prevent scratching during the cleaning process. Always dry your lenses with a soft, cotton cloth; do not use paper towels or tissues. Dab them gently with a cotton cloth to remove water; do not rub them vigorously. Allow minor streaks to air dry; do not attempt to polish them away. Polishing may cause permanent scratches.

– Approved by the World Squash Federation
– Anti-scratch inner and outer lens
– Anti-fog vented lens
– carrying case to prevent damage in transit
– optically correct with no distortion
– adjustable strap

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ESD 17 × 7 × 7 cm
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