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Tecnifibre ™ Team Icon Rackpack


– can be configured for squash or tennis
– racks can be removed to create a duffel or general purpose gym bag

Product Illustration: Tecnifibre Rackpack L Racquet Bag - Racks Out
Take the racks out to create an all purpose gym bag

– when racks are inserted, central compartment is subdivided into five compartments

Product Illustration: Tecnifibre Rackpack L Racquet Bag - Racks In
Put the racks in to create separate compartments

– lid has two mesh compartments
– large exterior shoe compartment
– exterior accessories compartment for wallet, phone, keys

Carrying System

– backpack straps with stabilizer belt
– quick carry handle on end

Product Specifications

Weight: 4 kg
Bag size: 6 racquet

Guide to Racquet Bag Sizes

Single compartment. Best suited for children or players who have a locker at the club and therefore only have to carry their racquet back and forth. No room for shoes. No backpack-style straps.
Dual compartment. Generally the smallest bag an adult rec player should consider. Typically does not have a shoe compartment. Sometimes has a shoe compartment on the underside of the bag which requires turning the bag upside down to access. This can result in important things falling out and getting lost. Most bags of this size have backpack straps, but the straps are often on the sides.
This is the smallest three-compartment bag. It is also the most popular size because bags bigger than this may not fit inside a locker while bags smaller than this may not carry everything you need. Shoe compartment in this size is typically on top, which is a good thing. Virtually all bags of this size have backpack straps.
This is a mid-sized three-compartment bag. It is big enough to carry everything you need but may be too big to fit inside a typical locker. Shoe compartment is typically on top and this size usually has a wet bag, too. Virtually all bags of this size have backpack straps. This size is popular with tournament players who carry spare racquets and extra gear.
This is a large three-compartment bag. It is big enough to carry everything a teaching pro needs and is definitely too big to fit inside a typical locker. Usually has a shoe compartment and wet bag. Virtually all bags of this size have backpack straps. This size is popular with teaching pros who have to carry lots of extra stuff for lessons.

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Product Details

ESW 1.3 kg
ESD 77 × 29 × 5 cm


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