Test Drive Sunglasses

Test drive awesome sunglasses for tennis and/or pickleball. Make white lines and yellow balls pop. Recover from sun blindness 1 to 1.5 seconds faster.

24 hour demo period. Deposit required.



An aqua lens tint has long been the standard for enhancing yellow targets such as yellow tennis or pickleball balls. Dr Gary Nesty tweaked the conventional aqua tint to maintain the yellow ball enhancement but to also highlight the out of bound lines. This new Leverage Performance Tennis tint enhances the two most important targets for players.

This fact alone would make this new tint a giant improvement over existing tennis/pickleball tints, but Doc knew there was another problem to be solved. The sun can be blinding when looking into the sky with any selective filtration tint to enhance a yellow ball, after all the sun is yellow too, so Doc added a 12% light transmission gray gradient to the top 25% of the Leverage Performance lens.

In straight forward gaze the eye is viewing through the wavelength enhancing portion of the lens and the ball and lines are enhanced. When the wearer looks up, as when serving or returning a lob, the view is through the dark gray tint.

When the human eye is exposed to bright light photo receptors are bleached out and the recovery takes a short period of time. Testing of this revolutionary tint on tennis players, at all skill levels, proved that visual adaptation time is improve by 1 to 1.5 second resulting in vastly improved performance considering the speed at which a tennis ball travels.


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