Victor Jetspeed S10 Badminton Racquet

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Victor Jetspeed S 10 Badminton Racquet

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The Brand

Victor Sports was founded in Taiwan in 1968. Within a few years, the company’s feather badminton shuttles were generally recognized at the best badminton shuttles in the world. Rapid European expansion occurred over the 1990s as demand for the brand increased worldwide. Today, the quality of Victor badminton products is comparable to Yonex while remaining lower in price across the board.

Our Description

Victor’s Jetspeed S10 is an attacking racquet for adult players who like to smash. It features a head heavy frame with a stiff shaft.

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Manufacturer’s Description

Victor Jet Speed 10 Badminton Racket is the highest-end of JETSPEED S series. Built with two cutting-edge technologies of PYROFIL and NANO FORTIFY, along with specialized small racket frame and thin shaft, JETSPEED S 10 is gifted with lightweight and sharp racket-handling experience.

Racquet Specifications


This is a stiff flex badminton racquet, which makes it suitable for big, strong, athletic athletes at the elite level. Most recreational players will find this frame too stiff to use effectively, especially on the corner-to-corner backhand clear.


The loop is made of a mix of advanced materials that include ultra high modulus graphite and Nano Fortigy. The shaft consists of ultra high modulus graphite and Pyrofil. Further details regarding materials are posted further down this page.

Available Weights & Grip Sizes

The Jetspeed 10 is being manufactured in two different grip sizes (4 and 5) both of which have a weight of 4U which is an average of 83 grams.

Stringing Advice

In order to take advantage of the Seven Six grommet technology described in the Racquet Technology below, it is necessary to have this racquet strung by a certified stringing professional. Racquet Network stringers are part of the Yonex Stringing Team. We can be trusted to string every racquet correctly, including this one.

Racquet Technology

Seven Six

Illustration of Victor Seven Six badminton racquet technology
Victor Seven Six Badminton Racquet Technology

The idea behind this technology is that single-pass grommet hole construction creates less friction between strings. Therefore, when badminton racquets with this feature are strung by professional racquet stringers who know how to minimize friction, this technology can effectively reduce tension loss while simultaneously extending string life.

Dynamic Sword

Logo for Victor Dynamic Sword Racquet Technology
Slice the air with sword-like precision.

Nano Fortify is one of many carbon-based materials used to make badminton loops strong enough to withstand long term adult usage. These materials are typically found in adult racquets but not in racquets made for teens and/or children. The cost of these materials adds to the overall costs of adult racquets, but their inclusion ensures that the loops of adult racquets are durable enough to withstand forces generated by adult strength and body weight.

Shark Tec

Illustration of Victor Shark Tec Badminton Racquet Technology
Shark Tec reduces friction and increases racquet speed.

Shark Tec is inspired by the skin of a shark. Shark skin’s sandpaper-like surface is added to the racquet frame to reduce air-resistance. Like the dimples on a golf ball, this surface pattern reduces air friction which increases racquet speed.

Aero Sword

Illustration of Victor Aero Sword Badminton Racquet Technology
Aero Sword combines aerodynamics with Victor’s popular sword frame profile.

The shape of the frame contributes to its aerodynamics, which in turn helps to reduce friction and increase swing speed. These elements contribute to the power of smashes and the depth of drives during game play.


Illustration of Victor Pyrofil Badminton Racquet Technology
Pyrofil is used in the racquet’s shaft to enhance shock absorption.

Pyrofil carbon fiber and its composites are advanced high-performance materials from Japan. This material is ultra light with high intensity bonds. It gives the racquet’s shaft excellent shock absorption which enhances control on drives and smashes.

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Product Details



Game Group

Singles & Doubles




Grip Size

Frame Weight

4U (80-84g), 3U (85-89g)

Frame Flex


6 months

Item Type

Conditional Item

Conditional Item Notes

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