Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle (by Engage)

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Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle. Made in the USA by Engage. USAPA listed and approved.


Wilson ™ Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle

Made in the USA by Engage. USAPA listed and approved.


The lightest, most maneuverable paddle in the game today. Designed for the players that want to have hours of fun without experiencing arm fatigue. The Graphite Composite Hitting Zone is engineered for durability on the court and the Rimless Carbon Fiber allows for ease of movement for faster play.

Graphite Composite Hitting Zone
Rimless Carbon Fiber Engineering
Power Comb Technology
Cushion-Aire Perforated Grip
USAPA listed and approved
Made in the USA

Weight Range: 7.4-7.8oz
Core: Polymer Power Comb
Face: Fiberglass & Textured Skin
Width: 8 1/8″
Length: 15 1/2″
Grip Size: 4 1/4″

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Product Details

ESW 0.300 kg
ESD 41 × 21 × 3 cm
Item Type

Core item





Finished Weight



Adult Performance


Polymer Core, Composite



1 year

11 reviews for Wilson Tour Pro Pickleball Paddle (by Engage)

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    Cliff Webb. Demo Card Feedback. 30 April 2019

  2. Racquet Network

    Jim Davis. Demo Card Feedback. 3 March 2019

  3. Racquet Network

    Vanee Grier. Demo Card Feedback. 12 September 2019

  4. Racquet Network

    Julie R. Demo Card Feedback. 2 FEB 2019.

  5. Racquet Network

    Clay Bullock. Demo Card Feedback. 11 JAN 2019.

  6. Racquet Network

    Justin Carrier. Demo card feedback. 13 DEC 2018.

  7. Racquet Network

    Jon K. 4 NOV 2018.

  8. Racquet Network

    Brent Johner. Demo card feedback. 24 OCT 2018.

  9. Racquet Network

    Connor McLean. Demo card feedback. 19 OCT 2018.

  10. Racquet Network

    Danica Smith-Hodgson. Demo card feedback. 11 OCT 2018.

  11. Racquet Network

    Danica S. Demo card feedback. 29 SEP 2018.

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