Yonex Nanoflare 600 Badminton Racquet

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Yonex ™ Nanoflare 800 Badminton Racquet

Our Description

Yonex’ new Nanoflare series replaces the old Nanoray series. Players who were comfortable with Nanorays will be equally comfortable with Nanoflares. As with the old series, the new Nanoflare series is designed primarily for patient, skillful badminton players who play a mix of drops and clears. Where the Astrox and Voltric series are for smashes, drives, and other power shots typically played from the back of the court, the Nanoray/Nanoflare series is aimed at mid- to front-court players.

The Nanoflare series has been re-engineered to deliver more power while maintaining the traditional a head light design that Nanoray players are accustomed to. The new loop features new materials and a new design which increases repulsion power. Meanwhile, the shafts of most of the racquets in this series are now made of high modulus graphite, which further increases flexibility and power throughout the range.

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Manufacturer’s Description

Yonex is proud to announce the newest racquet in the head-light NANOFLARE series, the NANOFLARE 600, targeting intermediate players who demand distance and speed but desire a more comfortable hitting feel, releasing from the end of December 2019.

For players who are concerned about injuries or soreness in their arms and elbows, the NANOFLARE 600 is introduced as a “body-friendly racquet.” A new vibration-absorbing material, VDM (Vibration Dampening Mesh), absorbs more than twice the vibration of normal carbon, and has been integrated extensively on the sides of the frame. In addition, the series signature technology, the Sonic Flare System, produces effortless shuttle speed and further clears, enhanced by the Aero Frame, which greatly reduces air resistance during swing. The NANOFLARE 600 is also the most headlight in the series, further reducing arm fatigue.

The NANOFLARE 600 also pairs perfectly with the new string from Yonex, SKYARC. Developed for players who want to get more distance form their clears, or suffer from arm or elbow problems, SKYARC contains is built with the new material High Sling Fiber, which is highly elastic, in the core to achieve a soft feel and greater distance.

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Racquet Specifications


The Nanoray 600 is currently being offered in one colour option: blue (marine). As with other Yonex frames, new colour options may be released every six months. We will update this page when other colour options become available.


This is a medium flex badminton racquet, which makes it suitable for intermediate recreational players. Players at the advanced or elite levels may find this frame too soft. Players under 15 and some seniors, especially ladies, may want to consider choosing a different racquet with a hi-flex frame.

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  • How to Test Drive the Yonex Nanoflare 600


The loop is made of a mix of advanced materials that include high modulus graphite, M40X graphite, super high modulus graphite, and vibration dampening Mesh in different areas of the racquet. The shaft consists of high modulus graphite.

Available Weights / Grip Sizes

This racquet is being manufactured in a range of weights and grip sizes. The 4U version weighs an average of 83 grams and is available in three grip sizes: G4, G5, G6. The lighter 5U version weighs an average of 78 grams and is available in grip sizes 5 and 6. However, the only option being imported by Yonex Canada is 5U5.

  • Which Yonex Nanoflare is Best for Me?

Stringing Advice

The heavier of these two racquets (4U) should be strung in the 19-27 lb range. The lighter (5U) should be strung in the 18-26 lb range. Players who need advice about stringing this racquet should come into our store and consult with a stringing expert.

  • How to String the Yonex Nanoflare 600
  • How to Customize the Yonex Nanoflare 600

Racquet Technology

Sonic Flare System

Yonex Sonic Flare System Badminton Racquet Technology Illustration
Yonex Sonic Flare System Badminton Racquet Technology Illustration


Yonex M40X Graphite Badminton Racquet Technology Illustration

M40X Graphite (aka Super High Modulus Graphite) is stronger and more resilient than High Modulus Graphite

Strength Resilience
M40X Graphite 103 133
H.M. Graphite 100 100

Yonex Vibration Dampening Mesh (VDM)

Technology Illustration
Yonex VDM Racquet Tecnology

For added touch and precision

VDM is a stretchy mesh material that adheres well to graphite to reduce arm fatigue. Integrated within the grip, VDM minimizes vibrations by 30% resulting in improved feel and precise ball control.

Isometric Head Shape

Yonex Badminton Racquet Isometric

Yonex Nanomesh Neo Badminton Racquet Technology
Yonex Nanomesh Neo Badminton Racquet Technology

Yonex’ square-shaped ISOMETRIC frame shape is designed to keep vertical strings at a similar length. This shape produces a larger sweet spot in all directions.

New Grommet Pattern

Yonex New Grommet Pattern Racquet Technology
Yonex New Grommet Pattern Racquet Technology

Yonex’ new single-pass grommet hole construction provides more grommet holes and fewer shared holes than other brands. This permits for a more high-performance stringing pattern.

Solid Feel Core

Yonex Solid Feel Core Badminton Racquet Technology
Yonex Solid Feel Core Badminton Racquet Technology

The built-in solid feel core in Yonex premium racquets reduces harmful miscellaneous vibration at impact. This technology, called “solid feel core” is a feature of all Yonex racquets manufactured in Japan.

Yonex Aero Frame

Yonex Aero Box Frame Badminton Racquet Technology
Yonex Aero Box Frame Badminton Racquet Technology

Decreases air resistance and realizes a quicker swing.

Built in T-Joint

Yonex Built In T Joint Badminton Racquet Technology
Yonex Built In T Joint Badminton Racquet Technology

‘New’ Built-in T-Joint is manufactured from a special lightweight plastic combined with epoxy resin and a foaming agent. Yonex says that it enhances quality and performance by increasing the stability of the shuttle on the stringbed and through the air.

Yonex Control Support Cap

Yonex Control Support Cap
Yonex Control Support Cap Badminton Racquet Technology

The control support cap provides an 88% wider flat surface compared with an ordinary racquet for easier gripping, fast follow-through and the sharpest maneuverability.

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Adult Performance

Game Group

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Frame Weight

5U (75-79g)

Grip Size

Item Type

Core item

Frame Flex

Stroke Style

, ,



6 months




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