Order Desk FAQ

13 FAQs

  • Has my order shipped?

    Please check MY ACCOUNT/ORDERS to find out what is happening with your order before contacting the Order Desk. 99% of all orders ship within the timelines specified in the Terms of Service. Our shipping experts update customers through MY ACCOUNT/ORDERS whenever there is something new to report. They do not report to customers in any other way.

    Please do not call the store to find out if your order has shipped. Our retail store staff cannot answer this question. Retail store staff do not have access to shipping information.

    The only people here who can access shipping information are the shipping experts at the Order Desk. They can be reached by email at orders@racquetnetwork.com.

    If your question is not already answered by our FAQs, a shipping expert will answer your question within one business day. If your question is answered by the ORDER FAQ -- and most questions are -- then a shipping expert will not respond to your email.

    Please note that weekends and holidays do not count as business days.

  • How do I contact the Order Desk?

    The Order Desk can be reached at orders@racquetnetwork.com.

    All communication to/from the Order Desk must be in writing (by email).

    This helps to ensure that customers and/or orders do not fall through the cracks.

  • Can I speak to someone at the Order Desk?

    You may speak to someone at the Order Desk by email at orders@racquetnetwork.com.

    All communication to/from the Order Desk must be in writing (by email).

    This helps to ensure that customers and/or orders do not fall through the cracks.

  • Can I speak to a real person?

    All of our staff are real people who work very hard to get orders out quickly and correctly.

    You may speak to a real person by email at orders@racquetnetwork.com.

  • Where is my tracking number?

    Effective 16 JUN 2018, all orders are shipped with tracking numbers. Tracking is provided by Canada Post. Once your order ships, all tracking information will be provided by email originating from Canada Post.

    We ship through Canada Post which means that tracking information for domestic orders goes directly to the email you provide to us when you place your order. If you provide a correct email address, tracking information will be sent to your email address.

    Approximately 1.3% of customers provide an incorrect email address, which means that just over 1 in 100 customers will not get tracking information due to their own errors.

    In addition to incorrect email addresses, customers often give email addresses that connect to junk mail accounts. Please check your spam filters and trash on all email accounts thoroughly before contacting the Order Desk to complain.

    If you have not received a tracking number, it may be because one or more of the items in your order is backordered. Please refer to the Terms of Service for clarification about our policies regarding backorders.

  • How soon will I get my order?

    The answer to this question depends on the shipping method you chose and whether you ordered a CORE item or a SPECIAL item. However, as per the Terms of Service to which you agreed when you placed your order, all items ship in 2-14 business days and we meet this commitment in well over 99% of cases.

    CORE items are usually in stock and usually ship quickly, although allowances have to be made for items that are out of season or required in unusual sizes or colours. SPECIAL items are special order items that are not normally in stock and almost always take longer to get. Special items include highly specialized items and non-core brands. Examples of these are specialty items, normal items in unusual sizes/colours, and items that are ordered infrequently by our customers.

    CORE items that are ordered with the EXPEDITED shipping method receive our highest priority. They usually ship via Canada Post Expedited Shipping the next business day and are usually delivered by Canada Post in three to five business days.

    CORE items that are ordered with the FREE SHIPPING method will usually ship on Saturday. They are usually delivered by Canada Post three to five business days later.

    SPECIAL ITEMS are rarely in stock and must be special ordered from our suppliers. As a result, SPECIAL items always take longer to ship than core items. Nevertheless, even with SPECIAL items we do our best to ensure that they ship out within the maximum amount of time allowed for orders (14 business days). As per the Terms of Service to which you agreed when you placed your order, if we expect any item to take longer than 14 business to ship out, we will contact you to discuss options.

  • When is the Order Desk open?

    The Order Desk is open for communication Monday to Friday from 11:00AM until 3:00PM.

    All correspondence is addressed in the order it was received during that time period.

    Sending an email to the Order Desk will result in an auto-response that will offer answers to the most common questions.

    If your question is answered by the auto-response, the Order Desk will not follow up with another email.

    Please read through the auto-response carefully because the vast majority of questions are answered in that email.

  • Why won't my order go through?

    In order to prevent fraud, we ship only to the cardholder's address. The postal/zip code must match the cardholder's postal/zip code exactly or the order will be declined. Please call your credit card company to ensure that the postal/zip code for your order matches the postal/zip code on your credit card. In 99.9% of all cases, rejection is the result of a postal/zip code mismatch.

  • Can I get free shipping over the phone?

    No. Order Desk staff have to enter your order through the same website you are using. However, they do not have a FREE SHIPPING option. While you may place an order over the phone, our system will charge for shipping. If you wish to get free shipping, you must order through the website yourself.

  • May I cancel my order?

    Order cancellations are covered under the Terms of Service which are published on this website.

    Please see the Terms of Service for more information about this topic.

  • Can I speak to somebody in the warehouse?

    Warehouse staff are not trained in customer service and are not equipped with the tools required for customer service.

    Please direct your questions to the Order Desk at orders@raquetnetwork.com.

  • When will my order arrive?

    This question is impossible for us to answer because we will not be delivering it and therefore are not in control. All we can tell you is that your order will ship within the timelines specified in the Terms and Conditions.

    If we expect to be unable to meet the shipping timelines specified in the Terms and Conditions, one of our experts will contact you by email to discuss options. Please check MY ACCOUNT/ORDERS for updates to your account.

    If you are located in Canada, you should begin receiving tracking information as soon as Canada Post picks your order up. However, even this system has flaws and orders are sometimes delivered before tracking information is sent. There is nothing we can do about this, unfortunately. We make no guarantees about Canada Post's services. Once we hand your order off to them, it is out of our hands.

    Typically, tracking information includes an estimated day of arrival. In most cases, Canada Post beats the estimated delivery date by a day or two. So don't worry too much about the estimated date of delivery. That is typically a worst case scenario.

  • I forgot to create an account when I ordered. Can I create one now?

    Customers sometimes fail to create an account when placing an order for the first time. When this happens, they are not able to login to MY ACCOUNT.

    While customers are permitted to create an account after the fact, it is not possible to connect a previous order to a new account.