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Where to Find Wilson Racquet Bags in Calgary

Wilson Team III 6R Bag
How do you know that a tennis bag is right for you?
You find yourself standing in front of a tennis bag display at a large sporting goods box store. This looks nice … but why is it $140? This one looks the same, but it’s only $79.00. What’s the difference?

Bags are like everything else in life. You get what you pay for.

Cheap bags are cheap for a reason. Generally speaking, they are cheap because they are made of cheap materials: thin fabrics, nylon zippers, weak stitching and no padding where padding is required.

While they may seem like a bargain, cheap bags are rarely a bargain. In most cases, cheap racquet bags are a bad investment that doesn’t last very long.

Racquet Bags
We offer Calgary’s largest selection of racquet bags.
So instead of standing in front of a bag display wondering what the difference is, come in and talk to one of our experts. We offer the same tennis bags as the national sporting good stores. We even offer the same prices. The difference is that we have staff who are trained to answer questions. And our selection of bags is a lot broader both online and in-store.

Most importantly, though, our experts are trained to ask YOU questions. What will you be carrying in your bag? Are you playing indoor or outdoors? How long do you want your bag to last?

Wilson makes dozens of different racquet bags. They make budget bags, recreational bags and professional bags. They make bags for adults, teens and children. They make ladies bags and men’s bags. They make bags for coaches and bags for players.

So unless you are an expert (like us), it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you.

Wilson Racquet Bags

Below is a small sample of the bags we offer in this category. To see our full range, use our ONLINE RACQUET SELECTOR below or visit is in-store.

Racquet Selector For a full list of racquet bags in this category, please check out our ONLINE BAG SELECTOR. You can sort by sport, size, brand, and more.