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Jugs Poly Pickleball Balls

Jugs pickleball balls are officially approved for indoor use in Canada and the United States. They are also the official indoor balls for Pickleball BC, Pickleball Alberta and Pickleball Quebec.

This is the top selling pickleball in Canada.

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Best ball for indoor pickleball programs.

Exceptionally Durable

The Jugs pickleball ball is a durable polyball that is claimed by the manufacturer to be “the toughest polyball ever made.” Originally made for baseball practice, this durable ball has become a best-seller for indoor pickleball.

Indoor & Outdoor Usage

Jugs pickleballs are suitable for all court surfaces and can be used indoors and out. However, they are lighter than official outdoor balls and are easily influenced by the wind. For that reason, they are not officially recognized for outdoor use. Also for that reason, Racquet Network does not recommend Jugs balls for outdoor use unless conditions are perfectly calm.

Safety Record

To the best of our knowledge, there is no evidence indicating that Jugs balls are heavy enough to pose a safety risk to Canadian pickleball players. Unlike Dura Fast balls, which are heavy outdoor balls capable of causing soft tissue damage, Jugs balls are light and relatively thin. Therefore the chances of being injured by Jugs pickleballs are significantly lower.


Jugs pickleballs are available in green and white. Racquet Network keeps a large inventory of both in our Calgary store for immediate shipment to customers across Canada. We are the official suppliers of many community centres in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario.


– versatile indoor/outdoor ball
– the most durable pickleball
– suitable for adults and children

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ESW 0.024 kg
ESD 8 × 8 × 8 cm



1 review for Jugs Pickleball Balls – Bulk

  1. Racquet Network (verified owner)

    Our community center used these balls for years. Then we switched to Onix balls for a year. At first they were fine, but soon they started breaking just as fast as every other ball. Now we have switched back to these. They are just as durable as the Onix balls, but they cost a lot less. Thank you to Racquet Network staff for suggesting that we give these balls another try. We are getting twice as many balls for our budget now.

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