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We may need to contact you by email regarding this order in the next 72 hours. Please login to MY ACCOUNT and ensure that the email address associated with this account is one that you check frequently.

All correspondence from our order desk will be recorded on MY ACCOUNT on this website. If the email address you used for this order is not an email address you check frequently, please login and change it now to avoid any possible delays in filling your order.

Notifications from the order desk contain images. So there is a very good chance that notifications about this order will end up in your spam or promotions folders. We strongly advise you to look for the confirmation emails that our system just sent you and then tell your email client to direct future notifications to your inbox. Failure to do this may result in delays.


If everything ordered is in stock, the order will ship next business day.

If anything is missing, we will ship the order as soon as all items are in stock.

If the order includes any special order items, we will hold the order and ship it whole when these items arrive

If we believe that it will take longer than 14 business days to fill your order, we will either cancel the order or contact the customer through MY ACCOUNT to discuss options.


We are a family-owned business with 11 employees, not a corporate giant. Therefore we do not use internal tracking numbers. The only tracking numbers we are outside tracking numbers provided by Canada Post. These tracking numbers are sent to the email address on file by Canada Post once an order has been picked up and scanned by their drivers. Occasionally this tracking system fails. And occasionally, customers choose shipping methods that do not offer tracking numbers.

Please do not call or email us seeking Canada Post tracking numbers. They are not our responsibility. We do not respond to inquiries about Canada Post tracking numbers. If your email address is correct and if Canada Post’s system is working correctly, you will get your first tracking notification when Canada Post picks your order up from us. If you are not getting tracking numbers, check your spam/promotions folders.


Special orders are at the core of our business. We take great pride in being able to get our customers exactly what they want and our customers generally love the fact that we will order sizes, colours and styles that are specific to their needs. But special orders can be a source of conflict if customers do not slow down and take time to understand the special order process.

Special order items are things that are not in high enough demand to be stocked as core products. As a result, they are rarely on hand and ready for immediate shipment. When a customer orders a special order item, we work hard to acquire it from the supplier and then get it out to the customer as quickly as we can. However, patience is always required with special orders because major suppliers are not always in a hurry to deal with tiny, one-item orders. In many cases, the person they have assigned to special orders works only part time.

In spite of this, more than 90% of special orders ship from our warehouse to customers within 10 days of the original order. Only 10% take more than 10 days to ship. And when we expect delays beyond the guidelines specified in the Terms of Service, we contact customers through their accounts on this website.

When customers choose expedited delivery methods on special order items, we ship those items by expedited parcel service as soon as they arrive in our warehouse. Clearly, we cannot ship something until we receive it. So special order customers must not be in a hurry.


If you have questions, you must check MY ACCOUNT or email the Order Desk at

Calling the store will not help because retail store staff will not be able to answer your questions. Only the Order Desk can answer questions about orders.

The only way to contact the Order Desk is by email. All responses to email queries will go through MY ACCOUNT on this website. To read these responses, you will need to login to MY ACCOUNT. So it is critically important to ensure that the email address associated with MY ACCOUNT is correct and active.


Retail store staff are not permitted to answer inquiries about online orders. All such inquiries must be directed to the Order Desk at

Order Desk staff are not permitted to deal with customer inquiries via telephone. All communications must be in writing through MY ACCOUNT. This ensures continuity of communications from one employee to the next. It also ensures that all comments and commitments from both sides are recorded for future reference.


Please note that in placing this order you have agreed to the TERMS OF SERVICE published on this website.

The Terms of Service is there to protect you and to protect us.

We are committed to fulfilling our obligations under the Terms of Service. We trust you will fulfill your obligations, too.