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How to Communicate with Us

This page describes how to communicate with

  • Pro Shop
  • Appointment Coordinator
  • Ecommerce Team

How to Communicate with the Pro Shop

Our Pro Shop has moved to Canyon Meadows Shopping Center. It is on the 2ND FLOOR of the NORTH WING. The unmarked glass doors leading to the second floor are immediately to the right of the Rexall Drug Store. Please note the new address: 2ND FLOOR – NORTH WING, UNIT 201, 11625 ELBOW DR SW.

There is only one way to communicate with staff in the pro shop. You must visit the pro shop in person.

Pro shop staff do not communicate by phone, text, email, fax, chat apps, or social media.

Our pro shop staff are entirely focused on customers who are present in the pro shop.

How to Communicate with the Appointment Coordinator

Appointments are required for:

  • shoes

Our Appointment Coordinator, Laurie, is part of our Ecommerce Team. She works remotely to screen and book appointments for in-person visits to the pro shop. In order to make sure that she is not wasting your time, she needs to have a clear understanding of what customers are trying to accomplish during in-person visits.

The only way to communicate with the Appointment Coordinator is through your account on Simply request an appointment through the website and she will respond by email.

How to Communicate with the Ecommerce Team

Our Ecommerce Team works remotely to fill orders placed on To communicate with this team, place an order through They will respond by posting messages to your account.