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Racquet Recycling in Calgary


So you just cleaned your garage out and found some old tennis, squash, badminton or racquetball racquets. They seem like they are still in good shape — in fact, they are practically new.

So what to do with them?

You could give them away … if you knew somebody who wanted them.

You could sell them … but that’s a lot of work for the $5.00 price you might get on Kijiji.

Or you could recycle them … or can you?

Can old racquets even be recycled?

If you read the City of Calgary’s website regarding advice for recycling used sporting goods, you will note that they advise putting these things in your black bin.

In other words, they tell you put them in the garbage. This is because, Calgary’s recycling system cannot recycle things like tennis, squash or badminton racquets.

The only way to recycle them is to sell them or give them away so that they can be used again. In doing so, at least you might prevent somebody down the road from buying something new which will also end up in the garbage.

If you are faced with this problem, Racquet Network can help you. We recycle some old tennis, squash, badminton and or racquetball racquets by refurbishing them and selling them to families and recreational players who prefer not to buy something new.

We don’t pay for the old racquets people bring in to be recycled, but neither do we charge people for them. All we do is recover the cost of refurbishment. So if we take an old racquet and refurbish the grips and strings, we sell it for the cost of the grips and the strings. We don’t charge for the racquet itself because we didn’t pay for it.

Now … there are some limits to this program.

First, we don’t refurbish old wooden racquets unless they are in pristine condition and could be used for decorations or props. But if you bring them in, we will look at them and determine what if anything might be done with them.

Second, we don’t repair broken racquets. If the frame is broken, the racquet cannot be recycled. So please put it in your black bin.

Finally, we will not offer you so much as a penny for your old frame. So please do not imagine you are going to come in and haggle with us, because that’s not going to happen.

If, however, you have an old racquet and you want us to help you get it into the hands of somebody who will use it, bring it into the store and leave it with us. If it can be salvaged, we will salvage it. If not, we will dispose of it for you. Either way, your conscience is clear.

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Free Laser Engraving

Product Close Up

Laser engraving permanently marks your racquet and racquet cover for identification.

Laser engraving cannot be rubbed off or overwritten. It ensures that if somebody steals your property, you will be able to positively identify it.

But the best part is that it is absolutely free for customers who purchase premium racquets from us in-store.

Laser engraving is absolutely essential for school and club players as it is most often these players who have their racquets and/or racquet covers stolen.

Our laser engraving program offers the first 10 letters free. Additional letters (or numbers) are $1.00 each.

This is enough to engrave your initials, your last name, or your phone number on your new racquet and your new racquet cover.

More than Racquets

In addition to racquets and racquet covers, Racquet Network offers laser engraving for bags, shoes, and accessories.

We engrave shoes and bags in spots where the engraving is easy to spot. So when somebody in your school or club pilfers your stuff, it’s easy to figure out who has it.

Product Detail
Protect your property. Laser engrave your name on your shoes, bags and accessories.

More than one parent has told us the story of stolen shoes, a stolen bag, or a stolen racquet that was quickly reclaimed thanks to our laser engraving program.

We are happy to help.

Laser engraving is a service we offer to our in-store customers on virtually all premium items.

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Theft Protection Program

Clip Art

Every Yonex and Victor racquet purchased in-store is covered by our Theft Protection Program.

Our Theft Protection Program helps police locate people who break into parked cars and deal in stolen property. It also helps our customers recover racquets after they are stolen.

In some cases, the serial number on a single stolen racquet can lead to the recovery of a whole bag full of stolen gear.

How does it work?

All Yonex and Victor racquets are marked with a unique serial number. When customers purchase these racquets from us in-store, we record these numbers in their customer files.

If a customer’s racquet is stolen, all they have to do is file a police report that includes these unique numbers and then let us know that they have reported the theft. We add these numbers to our Stolen Property Watch List.

More than 2000 racquets come through our store every year for re-stringing. We log the serial numbers of every Victor and Yonex racquet we service. We also check the number of every racquet that has one.

When a racquet with a number that matches a number on our Stolen Property Watch List comes through the store, we alert the police.

In this way we help police locate thieves who break into cars and fences who deal in stolen property. We also help customers who have had their property stolen.

How do I participate?

Anybody who purchases a Victor or Yonex racquet from us in-store is automatically covered. We record the numbers and add them to the customer’s file. All the customer has to do is notify us when their property is stolen.

What else can I do to protect my property?

The three things most likely to be stolen from racquet sports players are racquets, shoes and bags. We recommend putting a name and phone number in your bag, so police know who to contact if they recover it. If your bag does not have an id tag, we can engrave it for you or you can use a felt marker to write your name and phone number inside on the bag’s lining. We also recommend engraving your name on shoes and racquets.

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How to Customize the Astrox 88

A pair of Yonex Astrox 88D Badminton Racquets strung with BG80 Power.

About the Yonex Astrox 88

The Astrox 88 comes in two versions. The Astrox 88D and the Astrox 88S. The models are identical with one exception, the 88S is about a centimeter shorter than the 88D. This is because the 88S is designed for players who play mostly from mid-court to front court while the 88D is for players who play mid- to back-court. Given the marketing for this racquet, stringers should expect that the Astrox 88D will be used by smashers and drivers while the 88S will be used primarily for drops, lifts and clears.

How to String the Astrox 88D

If you are stringing for advanced to elite level men using feather shuttles, we recommend using one of these strings.

If you are stringing for rec level men using nylon shuttles, then we recommend selecting something from this group.

Nylon shuttles, of course, are much harder on strings than feather shuttles. So some men may break strings more often than they like using string from the group above. In that case, it may be advisable to switch to something more durable.

How to String the Astrox 88S

As this is a shorter racquet intended for front court usage, it is most likely to be used by shorter and lighter players (ladies, for example) than the 88D. Our advice, therefore, it to string it with thinner, less durable strings.

Our string suggestions for players using feather shuttles includes this group of string options…

Our string suggestions for players using nylon shuttles includes this group of string options ..

As always, these suggestions are just starting points. Players who are having particular issues are advised to come into the store and discuss options with our experts.

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Which Yonex Nanoflare is Best for Me?

Yonex Nanoflare Jr Badminton Racquet Head Blue Green

The Yonex Nanoflare series consists of head-light racquets that also provide extra shuttle speed and distance.

While many players around the world prefer the touch and maneuverability of a head-light racquet, the one downside to these racquets has been sacrificing the shuttle speed and power of a head-heavy racquet.

In 2019, Yonex upended that contradiction with the new Nanoflare 700, a head-light racquet built with unique technology and construction that helps adult players not only play nimbly but also achieve increased shuttle acceleration allowing them to hit deep into their opponent’s court.

To achieve this, designers and engineers at Yonex re-imagined frame design.

Firstly, the Nanoflare 700 was the first racquet to utilize the Sonic Flare System design, utilizing the latest in graphite technologies, such as TORAYCA® M40X*, to create a stable yet highly repulsive head shape.

Additionally, by designing a highly aero-dimensional shape built to compress and “snap back” they were able to realize an ultra-light racquet for players who demand agility, that was also able to launch the shuttle at speeds not before possible in a head-light racquet. This also resulted in a greater hitting feeling and less impact on the player’s arm.

Launching alongside the 700 were four other models in the head-light NANOFLARE series.

The 370 SPEED is designed for advanced players who desire improved smash speeds.

The 270 SPEED is intended for intermediate to advanced players seeking greater clears,

The 170 LIGHT is for beginning players who require the ultimate in lightness and maneuverability.

Meanwhile, the NANOFLARE JR combines the lightweight, maneuverability with added speed, distance and comfort of the 700 in a junior-sized racquet intended for competitive junior athletes.