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Theft Protection Program

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Every Yonex and Victor racquet purchased in-store is covered by our Theft Protection Program.

Our Theft Protection Program helps police locate people who break into parked cars and deal in stolen property. It also helps our customers recover racquets after they are stolen.

In some cases, the serial number on a single stolen racquet can lead to the recovery of a whole bag full of stolen gear.

How does it work?

All Yonex and Victor racquets are marked with a unique serial number. When customers purchase these racquets from us in-store, we record these numbers in their customer files.

If a customer’s racquet is stolen, all they have to do is file a police report that includes these unique numbers and then let us know that they have reported the theft. We add these numbers to our Stolen Property Watch List.

More than 2000 racquets come through our store every year for re-stringing. We log the serial numbers of every Victor and Yonex racquet we service. We also check the number of every racquet that has one.

When a racquet with a number that matches a number on our Stolen Property Watch List comes through the store, we alert the police.

In this way we help police locate thieves who break into cars and fences who deal in stolen property. We also help customers who have had their property stolen.

How do I participate?

Anybody who purchases a Victor or Yonex racquet from us in-store is automatically covered. We record the numbers and add them to the customer’s file. All the customer has to do is notify us when their property is stolen.

What else can I do to protect my property?

The three things most likely to be stolen from racquet sports players are racquets, shoes and bags. We recommend putting a name and phone number in your bag, so police know who to contact if they recover it. If your bag does not have an id tag, we can engrave it for you or you can use a felt marker to write your name and phone number inside on the bag’s lining. We also recommend engraving your name on shoes and racquets.