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Conditional Appointments Policy

A conditional appointment is an appointment request with a required condition. For example, a customer requests an appointment to see a specific racquet, a specific shoe, or a shoe in a specific color.

Our appointment coordinator is not permitted to book conditional appointments.

Here is why.

Nobody who works for Racquet Network is permitted to guarantee any customer that any particular item, model, color, or brand will be in stock in our pro shop at some future point in time.

This is because every item in the pro shop is available to every customer equally on a first come first serve basis.

The first person to walk in the door and ask to purchase an item gets to purchase it.

Staff are not permitted to hold inventory on spec for anybody — even if they have requested an appointment.

We have to be fair to everybody. This policy is exactly that. It is fully transparent and applies equally to every customer.

Customers who want to be 100% certain that a product will be waiting for them when they arrive at the pro shop can order it online.

They are notified when that item is in the pro shop and is ready for pickup.

Every customer has the same opportunity to do this.

For this reason, our appointment coordinator cannot accept conditional appointments.

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