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The vast majority of customers who visit our store do so because they need expert assistance with something. We cannot offer expert one-on-one service when everybody comes into the store at the same time.

So in order to give our athletes one-on-one service that is uninterrupted by other customers, we ask everyone to book appointments.

How to Request an Appointment

To request your private one-on-one time with an expert, simply add this item to your online shopping cart (for $0.00) and then proceed to CHECKOUT.

You MUST complete the entire CHECKOUT process or your request will not be submitted.

You will know that you have completed the process when a receipt arrives in your email inbox. If you do not get a receipt, it means that you did not complete the process.

After you get your request receipt, our appointment coordinator, Laurie, will contact you by email to confirm a specific time for your visit.


1. Until we have confirmed your request by email with a specific time, you do not have an appointment.

2. Appointment requests submitted after hours, will be processed the following day. Thank you for your patience.

3. The appointment notifications we send you will probably end up in your SPAM or JUNK folder. Please check your SPAM or JUNK folder before accusing us of not responding.


How can we help you? * 

Please describe how we can help you. This description will determine how much time we book for your appointment. So please be descriptive. (Minimum 25 characters.)

Online Ordering * 

If you are looking for something specific (such as a specific racquet, a specific bag, or a specific shoe in a specific size) we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you order online and choose “Ship to Store” for local pickup. Our orders desk team will notify you when your order is ready for pickup. That way you only need to make one trip to the store.

Check your SPAM folder * 

When you submit this request, our system will send you an email receipt recording the details of your order. Our staff will then follow up with you by email during regular business hours. Both of these emails will probably end up in your SPAM folder.

Do you know how to check your SPAM folder? If you do not know how to do this, you may think that we have not responded to you. So please check your SPAM folder as soon as you submit this request.

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Use this to REQUEST an in-store appointment with an expert.

Product Details

Purpose of Visit

Racquet Demo Program, Racquet Advice, Racquet Purchase, Discount Racquet Stringing, Custom Racquet Stringing, 1-Hour Rush Stringing, String Advice, String Purchase, Grip Repairs, Balls/Shuttles/Accessories, Shoe Fitting/Purchase, Shoe Browsing, Apparel Shopping, Want to Check Out Sales, Gift Certificate, Just Browsing, Other

Day Requested

Request MON, Request TUE, Request WED, Request THU, Request FRI, Request SAT, Request SUN

Service Window Requested

Mid afternoon, Late afternoon, Early Weekday Evening

Ship To Store Option

  • save time
  • save a trip
  • get exactly what you want

Due to limited square footage in our store, we cannot stock every item in every size and every colour every day of the year.

Customers who want specific items in specific colours or sizes are strongly encouraged to order online and choose SHIP TO STORE for local pickup.

Customers who do this will be notified by email when their item is in-store and ready for pickup.

If the item is not available, the order will be refunded.

If you come into the store to pick something up and it doesn't fit, the order will be refunded.