Express Service Appointment

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Express Service appointments are mandatory for:

  • Shoes

Shoe service is not available to walk-in customers.

Express service appointments are not required for other services, but customers who want guaranteed one-on-one service and no lineups may book appointments for other reasons.

Express service appointments are booked outside of regular store hours so that walk-in service is not disrupted.

How to Request an Appointment


You are purchasing this appointment for $0.00. So add it to your cart and purchase it just like you would anything else.

2. Proceed to CHECKOUT.

You MUST complete the entire CHECKOUT process or your request will not be submitted to us.

3. Check your email (including your spam and promotions folders) for a receipt.

If you cannot find a receipt, it means that you did not complete the checkout process and we did not get your request.

4. After we receive your request, our appointment coordinator (Laurie) will contact you by email to set up a specific day/time for your visit.

Until we have confirmed your request by email with a specific time, you do not have an appointment.


1. Appointment requests with incomplete or inaccurate contact information will be deleted without a response.

2. Submissions that are not appointment requests will be deleted without a response.

3. The appointment notifications we send you will probably end up in your SPAM, JUNK, or PROMOTIONS folder. Please check your SPAM or JUNK folder before accusing us of not responding.

4. If you can’t find a receipt in your email, it means that we did not get your request so no appointment can be booked.

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  • 6:00PM (MON-FRI)
  • Appointments are booked outside of regular business hours on weekdays only.
  • Appointment requests must be made no less than 24 hours in advance.
  • Please give us MULTIPLE OPTIONS to choose from.
  • Minimum 25 characters.
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    When you submit this request, our system will send you an email receipt recording the details of your order. Our staff will then follow up with you by email during regular business hours. Both of these emails will probably end up in your SPAM folder. So please check your SPAM folder as soon as you submit this request.

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    Use this to REQUEST an in-store service appointment with an expert.

    Product Details

    Primary Purpose of Visit

    Wide Court Shoes, Other

    Ecommerce Offers

    All offers on this website are ecommmerce offers unless explicitly stated otherwise.

    Ecommerce offers must be ordered from this website. They cannot be ordered in the pro shop.

    Pro Shop Availability

    Our ecommerce website and our pro shop are different business units that operate independently of each other.

    This ecommerce website does not track pro shop inventory, pro shop offers, or pro shop prices.

    If you want information about pro shop inventory, offers, or prices, please visit the pro shop where a coach can help you in person.

    Ship To Pro Shop Options

    Most orders placed through this website may be shipped to your home or business. Some items may also be shipped to our southwest Calgary pro shop for local pickup.

    We also offer a special SHIP TO STORE option for people purchasing the following items:

    1. shoes
    2. racquet bags


    If you see a shoe you are interested in, but want to try it on before committing to owning it, you may order it online and choose SHIP TO STORE. Once it arrives in the pro shop, you will be notified so that you can go to the pro shop and try it on.

    If it does not fit or if you decide not to purchase it for any reason, it will be refunded.


    We offer the same option for racquet bags. Simply order online and choose SHIP TO STORE.

    You will be notified when the bag is ready for pickup. If you decide it is not right for you, the order will be canceled and refunded.


    Please note that this option does not apply to engraved or customized items. Once items are engraved or customized, they cannot be returned.

    Express Service

    Don't you hate it when you go to a store and you can't find anybody to help you?

    Or worse yet ... you drive an hour to get there and then have to wait even longer while they help people who live five minutes away.

    Once again, Calgary's most innovative racquet sports store comes up with a sensible solution to a common problem.

    Book an Express Service Appointment and wait no more. You will get an expert all to yourself for a full 30 to 60-minute appointment at a time of your chosing.

    It doesn't matter how busy the pro shop is when you get there. It doesn't matter how many people walked in ahead of you.

    Customers with Express Service Appointments are always served first.

    The further customers have to drive to get to our pro shop, the more they love this innovation.

    No waiting. No wasted trips.

    Book an EXPRESS SERVICE APPOINTMENT and get exactly the help you need as soon as you walk in the door.