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New Shoe Fittings Policy

The shoe inventory in our pro shop has changed over the past two years.

The pro shop used to carry shoes of all widths from standard to double extra wide. That is no longer the case.

The pro shop’s inventory is now geared towards wide and extra-wide customers who have difficulty finding court shoes that fit.

This is what the pro shop regularly stocks now

  • ladies wide – sizes 6 to 14 (STOCKED)
  • ladies extra wide – sizes 8.5 to 14 (STOCKED)
  • men’s wide – sizes 8 to 13 (STOCKED)
  • men’s extra wide – sizes 8 to 13 (STOCKED)

Customers who are looking for standard-width shoes can still order them from the website and then try them on in the pro shop, but they are no longer regularly stocked. Instead, they are brought in on an order-by-order basis only when a customer orders them to try them on.

  • ladies standard width (NOT STOCKED – ORDER-TO-TRY-ON OPTION AVAILABLE)
  • junior standard width (NOT STOCKED – ORDER-TO-TRY-ON OPTION AVAILABLE)

Appointment Times

Shoe fittings for wide customers are scheduled outside of regular hours:

  • 6:00pm weekdays (by appointment only)

Wide shoe fittings are done by appointment only.

All wide shoe fitting appointment requests must be made through the website. The pro shop does not accept walk-in appointments.


The pro shop offers two different shoe service options.

  1. Order to Try On
  2. Shoe Fitting for Wide Feet


This is the only option for people with standard-width feet.

  1. Order shoes from website
  2. Choose SHIP TO STORE
  3. Receive notification they are ready
  4. Go into the pro shop and try them on

If the shoes don’t fit, you can decline them and your order will be refunded.


This option is for customers who have wide or difficult-to-fit feet.

This option REQUIRES booking an appointment for a shoe fitting.

The pro shop’s inventory is focused on customers who require wide shoes and who cannot generally buy the most popular models which are made for young, narrow feet.

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How to Communicate with Us

This page describes how to communicate with

  • Pro Shop
  • Appointment Coordinator
  • Ecommerce Team

How to Communicate with the Pro Shop

Our Pro Shop has moved to Canyon Meadows Shopping Center. It is on the 2ND FLOOR of the NORTH WING. The unmarked glass doors leading to the second floor are immediately to the right of the Rexall Drug Store. Please note the new address: 2ND FLOOR – NORTH WING, UNIT 201, 11625 ELBOW DR SW.

There is only one way to communicate with staff in the pro shop. You must visit the pro shop in person.

Pro shop staff do not communicate by phone, text, email, fax, chat apps, or social media.

Our pro shop staff are entirely focused on customers who are present in the pro shop.

How to Communicate with the Appointment Coordinator

Appointments are required for:

  • shoes

Our Appointment Coordinator, Laurie, is part of our Ecommerce Team. She works remotely to screen and book appointments for in-person visits to the pro shop. In order to make sure that she is not wasting your time, she needs to have a clear understanding of what customers are trying to accomplish during in-person visits.

The only way to communicate with the Appointment Coordinator is through your account on Simply request an appointment through the website and she will respond by email.

How to Communicate with the Ecommerce Team

Our Ecommerce Team works remotely to fill orders placed on To communicate with this team, place an order through They will respond by posting messages to your account.

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Specific Shoe Fittings

Occasionally, we get requests for shoe fitting appointments that are highly specific.

For example, a customer might request a shoe fitting and say I am only interested in white shoes or Brand X shoes or Model Y shoes.

We call these specific shoe fittings.

Specific shoe fittings are different from general shoe fittings in several ways.

In a general shoe fitting, a customer is looking for shoes that fit. In a specific shoe fitting, a customer wants to try only only specific shoes — i.e.: specific colors, brands, or models.

In a general fitting, it is easy to help the customer because the only condition they have coming in is “a shoe that fits.”

In a specific shoe fitting, the customer has multiple conditions: the shoe must fit AND it must satisfy their other conditions such as color or model or brand.

In a general fitting, we can almost guarantee that we will have something that fits.

In a specific shoe fitting, we can’t make the same guarantees. We can’t guarantee that we will have any specific colors, models, or brands in stock at some future point in time. Therefore we do not book general fittings for customers who say they are looking for only specific colors, models, or brands.

For these customers, we have a different process. We call it a specific shoe fitting. This process guarantees that the customer will have an opportunity to try on exactly what they want to try on.

Here is the process.

The customer orders the specific shoes they are looking for from our website. These specific shoes are then shipped to the pro shop. The customer is notified by email when they get there.

Once the specific shoes they are looking for arrive in the pro shop, an appointment is set up to allow them to try these shoes on. If they fit, the can take them home. If they don’t — or if the customer doesn’t like them for any reason — the purchase is refunded.

In our experience, this is the best way to deal with customers who are very specific about the shoes they want to try on.

Having these customers in for a general shoe fitting is a waste of their time because we cannot guarantee that we will have the specific thing they are looking for at some future point in time.

This way, the customer tells us exactly what they want to try on. We bring in exactly what they want. So when they get here for their appointment, they are trying on exactly what they wanted to try on — GUARANTEED.

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Conditional Appointments Policy

A conditional appointment is an appointment request with a required condition. For example, a customer requests an appointment to see a specific racquet, a specific shoe, or a shoe in a specific color.

Our appointment coordinator is not permitted to book conditional appointments.

Here is why.

Nobody who works for Racquet Network is permitted to guarantee any customer that any particular item, model, color, or brand will be in stock in our pro shop at some future point in time.

This is because every item in the pro shop is available to every customer equally on a first come first serve basis.

The first person to walk in the door and ask to purchase an item gets to purchase it.

Staff are not permitted to hold inventory on spec for anybody — even if they have requested an appointment.

We have to be fair to everybody. This policy is exactly that. It is fully transparent and applies equally to every customer.

Customers who want to be 100% certain that a product will be waiting for them when they arrive at the pro shop can order it online.

They are notified when that item is in the pro shop and is ready for pickup.

Every customer has the same opportunity to do this.

For this reason, our appointment coordinator cannot accept conditional appointments.

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T1W-Taper (Wide Egyptian) Toe Line

Diagram of a T1W-Taper toe line with an extra wide forefoot

A T1W-taper has two elements: the shape of the toe line and the width of the forefoot.

The toe line is characterized by a big toe that is longer than all the rest, with each toe shorter in sequence.

The forefoot is characterized by projections that protrude significantly outside of the maximum width of the toe line. This can be the result either of a naturally wide forefoot or injuries, such as bunions.

Men with this foot shape will not fit standard-width men’s court shoes. Ladies with this foot shape will not fit standard-width ladies court shoes. In general, men of this shape will need extra wide shoes, while ladies will need either standard unisex or wide men’s shoes.

As this shape is difficult to fit for most athletes, we recommend booking an appointment for a shoe fitting with an expert rather than buying online.

Best Shoes for T1W (Wide Egyptian) Toe Lines

A T1-taper is the easiest toe line to fit. In the case of a T1W-taper (Wide Egyptian), however, the width of the forefoot is an issue. For this particular shape, we generally advise going to a T3W-taper because this is the only shape wide enough to accommodate the width of a T1W-taper forefoot.