Victor AS36 Wide (4E) Badminton Shoe (Purple/Orange)


We specialize in court shoes for people with wide feet. Come in for a proper fitting with a court shoe expert.


Custom Monogram (+$5.00)

We will laser engrave up to three letters (usually initials) into both of your shoes to make them identifiable in the event they are lost or stolen. The letters will be 3-5mm tall and will be placed on an outer facing. In most cases they will not be noticed by anybody who doesn’t know they are there.


The Brand

Logo: Victor Sports
Est. 1968

Victor Sports was founded in Taiwan in 1968. Within a few years, the company’s feather badminton shuttles were generally recognized at the best badminton shuttles in the world. Rapid European expansion occurred over the 1990s as demand for the brand increased worldwide. Today, the quality of Victor badminton products in many categories is comparable to Yonex while remaining lower in price across the board.

The Category

This court shoe is in our Adult Recreation category. Shoes in this category are suitable for continuous recreational adult use over prolonged periods of time.

It is suitable for indoor court sports including badminton, pickleball, squash, racquetball, handball, volleyball and wallyball.

The Insole

The insole in this shoe is glued in place. In can be removed, but glue residue will remain. So this is not the kind of shoe that you want to be sliding orthotics in and out of on a regular basis.

The Shape

The AS36 Wide is Victor’s widest court shoe. According to their size chart, this shoe is a 4E, meaning it offers more room in the toe box than other models.

Chart: Victor Badminton Shoe Shapes
Chart: Victor Badminton Shoe Shapes

Shoe width designations are not standardized in the court shoe industry. Therefore a 4E in one brand may not be equal in width to another brand. If you are not familiar with the fit of Victor 4E shoes, we strongly advise you to come into our store for a fitting with a court shoe expert.

The Outer Sole

This shoe has a segmented sole with two different kinds of rubber. Areas of high wear feature high abrasion synthetic rubber. Areas important for traction have softer, high content organic rubber. This type of sole offers average durability and traction on most common badminton court surfaces. Although wear patterns will vary from athlete to athlete, we rate this sole at 500-750 km.

Product Knock Out: Victor AS36 Extra-Wide Badminton Shoe Blue Orange Sole
Segmented sole mixes high abrasion rubber with gum rubber.

The Platform

We rate the platform of this shoe as recreational. The platform on this shoe is generally wide enough and stable enough for all but the most aggressive of athletic movements.

The Ride

This shoe features a standard EVA foam mid-sole with enhanced with a EVA foam in the heel. A nylon sheet has been added to reduce twisting.

The Upper

The upper on this shoe is a mix of polyurethane leather and mesh. The PU leather provides durability and support. The mesh adds breathability.

The Lacing System

The lacing system on this shoe features six pairs of punched eyelets, none of which are reinforced. The laces are half-round, which is the best overall lace for court shoes because it offers a balance of elasticity and durability.

Product Knock Out: Victor AS36 Extra-Wide Badminton Shoe Blue Orange Inner Aspect
Lacing system consists of six pairs of punched eyelets.

Shoe Technology


Illustration: Victor Radiation Shoe Technology
Asterix shaped-tread pattern provides excellent traction.

The astrerix-shaped tread pattern provides more traction during lateral and vertical movements. The gum rubber heats up and softens with movement allowing the player to stick to the floor.


Illustration: Victor Breathing Shoe Technology
A mesh layer enhances breathability.

The upper of this shoe is made of two primary materials: polyurethane leather and nylon mesh. The PU leather provides structural support. The nylon mesh provides vents that permit the shoe to breath.

Energy Max

Illustration: Victor Energy Max Shoe Technology
Energy Max mid-sole provides cushioning and support.

The high elasticity shock absorbing material on ENERGYMAX has excellent durability, strength and retains its shape wll. It is used in footwear-related products to increase the overall support of the shoes. It reduces momentum loss and redirects the momentum towards the next direction.

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Shoe Widths Guide

Companies describe their shoe widths in different ways. Therefore, 4E shoes that fit in one brand may not fit in another. As always, we strongly recommend that players come into our store for an expert court shoe fitting before buying any unfamiliar brands.

2A 2.0 SL ladies extra narrow men’s double extra narrow
A 2.0 ladies narrow men’s extra narrow
B 2.5 F ladies standard men’s narrow
D 2.5 U ladies wide men’s standard
E 3.0 U ladies extra wide men’s wide
2E 3.5 U ladies double extra wide men’s extra wide
4E ladies triple extra wide men’s double extra wide

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Product Details

ESW 0.875 kg
ESD 34 × 19 × 12 cm




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