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Free Stringing Upgrades for Loyal Customers

Thank you

If you are reading this page, it is because you purchased a new, in-season, premium Yonex, Babolat or Tecnifibre racquet from us in-store. (This offer does not apply to orders placed online. Online orders get a different set of freebies.)

We genuinely appreciate your business and are happy to upgrade you to premium racquet service for no extra charge. This upgrade allows you to move immediately to the front of the line and get your racquet back in one-hour or less.

This page offers step by step instructions that give you access to ten free one-hour stringing upgrades worth a total of $200.

Is this your first time using your free upgrades?
If this is your first time using our free upgrades system, you will want to send an email to advising us that you are ready to start accessing your free upgrades.
Once we get that email, we will check to make sure that you have an account on and that your coupon code is set up and ready to use.
If this is not your first time access your free upgrades, then you can proceed to the steps below.

Overview of the Free Upgrades Process

Everybody follows the same process. Nobody gets special treatment.

  • Order your free upgrades online
  • Schedule an appointment to bring your racquet it
  • Bring your racquet in at the appointed time so we can string it on the spot for you

An appointment is required so that we can ensure that a master stringer is in the store and available to string your racquet when you come into the store. We do not offer this service to walk-in customers.

What You Need

In order to access your free upgrades you will need the following information:

a) the email address for your account on
b) the password for your account on
c) your coupon code for free stringing upgrades

Lost Your Password?
If you have lost your password, you can use the password retrieval function on this website. Please check your email filters and trash when you do this.
If you cannot reset your password through the website, you can email us at Please do not call the store. Retail store staff cannot help you with password resets.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

In order to book an appointment for premium racquet service, you will have to login to

Click on MY ACCOUNT at the top of this page to login. Once you are logged in, return to this page.

Step 2

Ensure that the racquet you are booking a stringing appointment for was purchased in-store from Racquet Network — otherwise things get awkward for everybody.

Racquets purchased online are not eligible. Racquets purchased elsewhere are not eligible. Racquets purchased by someone else are not eligible.

Illustration: Yonex Racquet Serial Number
Serial numbers are recorded when racquets are purchased.

Our retail store staff recorded the serial number and country code of your racquet when it was purchased. This will be checked by the racquet technician prior to stringing it. The racquet you bring in must be the racquet you purchased from us and its serial number must match the serial number of the racquet you bring in.

Step 3

Locate the coupon code that we emailed to you after you notified us that you were ready to start using your free upgrades.

In most cases, coupons code will be identical to the serial number of the racquet which can be found on the shaft of the racquet, just above the cap.

If you are unable to locate your coupon code, please email us at Please do not call the store. Retail store staff cannot look up your coupon code.

Step 4

Add one of the following options to your cart.

Step 5

Proceed to checkout and enter your coupon code. The coupon code will subtract the $20.00 cost of the one-hour turnaround stringing upgrade.

Step 6

Pay for the order using your credit card.

Step 7

Once you have completed Step 6, we will contact you by email within 24 hours to set up an appointment.

This appointment will ensure that a stringer is waiting for you in the store when you bring your racquet in for service.

Step 8

Bring your racquet to the shop at the appointed time. We will string your racquet on-the-spot so there is no need for you to make a second trip. You will be able to take your racquet with you when you leave.