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Racquet Bags

We stock a large selection of racquet bags for tennis, squash, and badminton
We stock a large inventory of racquet bags for tennis, squash, and badminton in our southwest Calgary store.

However, racquet bags are highly seasonal. Particular styles and colours sell out quickly and it is impossible for us to have all bags in stock in all colours at all times.

We advise customers who are looking for a particular bag to order it online and then choose SHIP TO STORE. We will email you when your bag is ready to pick up. If the bag you want is unavailable, we will cancel the order and issue a refund.

All brands change their racquet bags change every year. So a bag that was available in a particular colour or style one year will not be available the following year. However, we carry new colours/styles at all three price points every season.

Random Sample of 25 Racquet Bags

Racquet Network carries a large selection of racquet bags for tennis, squash, and badminton. This is a random sample of 25 options.

Bag Selector For a full list of racquet bags in this category, please check out our ONLINE RACQUET BAG SELECTOR. You can sort by size, brand and colour.
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Tennis Shoes

Racquet Network carries Calgary’s largest selection of tennis shoes. In fact, we have the largest selection of court shoes of all kinds. Come in for a fitting with our experts and leave with the perfect fit for your feet. We are open 7 days a week. Monday to Friday 10:00am to 8:00pm. Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 5:00pm

Shoe Selector For a full list of shoes in this category, please check out our ONLINE SHOE SELECTOR. You can sort by sport, gender, brand, size, width and price.

Tennis Shoes

Shoe Selector For a full list of shoes in this category, please check out our ONLINE SHOE SELECTOR. You can sort by sport, gender, brand, size, width and price.
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Where to Find 4.0 Tennis Players in Calgary

If you are 4.0 tennis player who lives in Calgary and you’re not already a member of an indoor tennis club, you know how difficult it can be to find other players at your level. There are lots of online tennis networks that say they offer solutions to your problem, but most of the guys who list themselves as 4.0 players really aren’t. In fact, a lot of them aren’t even 3.0 players.

A second possible solution is to head out to the courts and see who’s out there. Maybe with luck, you will happen by just as a player or two at your level is on the court hitting. And maybe that guy will want to hit with you. But chances are if he’s there hitting with somebody else, his dance card is already full. And then again, maybe he’s just a visitor to Calgary who is going back to Florida next week.

Racquet Network understands the problem and is now offering a service to their 4.0 customers that may serve as a solution. They have created a group on Tennis Calgary for VERIFIED 4.0 tennis players. Membership in this group is restricted to players who can prove they are at the 4.0 level when they enter. After that, it’s up to the group members to decide who stays in the group.

Every month, every player in the group has an opportunity to vote on the level of every other player in the group. If a majority of the players believe that somebody should be moved down to the 3.5 group or up to the 4.5 group, they are moved. This ensures that the 4.0 group remains a 4.0 group — permanently.

Problem solved.

While Tennis Calgary can’t guarantee how many people will be in the group on any given day or if they will be available to play with you, they can guarantee that everybody in the group believes that everybody else in the group is at the 4.0 level. So if nothing else, it’s a good place to start looking for 4.0 men who want to play singles.

More information

  • Men’s Verified 4.0 Group on Tennis Calgary
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    Tennis Uncomplicated – $20 Racquet Stringing

    Tennis Uncomplicated Stringing Offers

    Several customers who are part of the volunteer meetup group Tennis Uncomplicated have asked us over the past year why we are not sponsors of their non-profit tennis group.

    Truth be told, we have never been invited to sponsor Tennis Uncomplicated. In spite of the fact that we are Calgary’s largest racquet store, they have never communicated with us in any way. While we enthusiastically support what they are doing because it is good for tennis, it is clear to us that they wish to direct all of their customers to Racquet Central, not Racquet Network.

    No worries. That’s fine. We don’t dwell on politics. We will continue to be supportive of our customers who choose to play with Tennis Uncomplicated. Our primary goal is to see tennis and other racquet sports expand in Calgary, regardless of who is doing the organizing, which is why we have a generous sponsorship policy.

    In fact, Tennis Uncomplicated was added to our sponsorship program by a Racquet Network customer at the end of the 2016 season when she placed a stringing order online and requested that the group be added to our list of clubs eligible for sponsorship credits. Since that date, Tennis Uncomplicated has been eligible to earn sponsorship credits equivalent to 10% of the online purchases made by their members — no strings attached.

    Tennis Uncomplicated joins a list of several dozen racquet sports clubs in Calgary whom our customers have nominated for inclusion, including Alberta Tennis Centre, Oakridge Racquet Club, Woodcreek Sports Association, Calgary Tennis Club, and many, many more. The full current list is published in the green box on our Fundraising & Sponsorship Policies page.

    In addition to sponsorship credits, members of Tennis Uncomplicated have the option of choosing $20.00 discount racquet stringing from the Discount Racquet Stringing Services section of our website. Or they can upgrade and choose one of our Custom Racquet Stringing Services.

    Tennis Uncomplicated Stringing Offers

    Members of Tennis Uncomplicated who are also members of Tennis Calgary (membership in both is permitted; we don’t judge), also get many additional benefits, which can include Free Stringing for Frequent Players, hot deals on tennis gear that are not available to the public, free lessons from certified instructors, demo nights from big brands like Wilson, Babolat and Yonex and even free meetup opportunities with verified members at verified levels. As members of Tennis Calgary, they will also have the option of rating other players’ playing levels, which is really helpful to serious players seeking serious one-on-one competition.

    And if that is not enough, we give away free stuff on a regular basis. This week, for example, Wilson gave us four $100 all graphite tennis racquets and four $120.00 ladies tennis backpacks. We are passing these along to our verified members in draws on August 1st and 15th and September 1st and 15th, 2017. All verified members are automatically included in this draw and many others — because we give away whatever the reps give to us.

    As we said above, our goal is to help expand the number of tennis players in Calgary. To that end, new Tennis Calgary memberships are free to our customers and we make it really easy for our members to continue playing for free for many years ahead. While Tennis Calgary is ostensibly a for-profit website, we have put more money into it every year since its inception than we have ever taken out of it. We see it as a loss leader. We spend money on it that we will never get back directly, but it helps to grow the sport. So we know we will have a customer base in the long run.

    We are proud to offer this service to our customers. We have been doing it since our network started in 2004.

    Tennis Uncomplicated Stringing Offers

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    Prostaff RF 97 & the “Save Money” Strategy

    Over the weekend, we received an email from Ashok in Calgary asking if it makes sense for him to buy an elite tennis racquet like the Wilson Prostaff RF97.

    In the body of this rather long email, Ashok explains that he is a beginner now but that he is taking lessons and expects to be at the elite level in three to four years. He doesn’t want to buy one racquet now to use as a beginner, a second racquet later to use as an intermediate and a third racquet after that when he expects to be an elite player.

    We get variations on this question almost every week during outdoor tennis season. It is one of many “save money” strategies that beginners — especially men — propose to justify spending top dollar to buy a high-end racquet while they are still learning the basic strokes.

    On the surface, it seems to make some sense. Buy an elite frame now. String it for a beginner while you are a beginner. String it for an intermediate when you get to that level and then string it for the elite level once you get there.

    Of course we can do this — or something like it. We often have players come in who have taken 10 years off from tennis and are just getting back into the game. So we string their racquet at low tension with a very soft string in order to avoid causing injuries while they get back into shape. Then as they improve over several months or the next couple of seasons, we adjust their string bed accordingly. Each time they come in, the string gets firm and the tension gets tighter.

    In most of these cases, the racquet the player brings in for customization is an elite level frame. So in a sense, we are doing the very thing that Ashok is asking about.

    There is one difference, though, and it is a pretty major difference. In this case, we are talking about a player who has elite-level strokes. They are rusty elite-level strokes, of course. A decade of inactivity will do that to a player. But a rusty elite player is nothing like a beginner.

    Beginners really do need softer and larger frames than elite players and, unfortunately, the Wilson Prostaff RF 97 is neither soft nor large. So can we string it in a way that makes it softer or larger? No, we can’t. Sorry.

    What we can do though is advise Ashok not to overspend on a beginner racquet. In fact, we can help him pick out a durable intermediate level frame that will carry him through his beginner and intermediate stages of development. Then, when he is genuinely ready for an elite level frame, we can help him with that, too.

    While we can appreciate the “save money” strategy that Ashok it trying to adopt in this situation, we feel it is important to remind him that materials and technologies are changing all of the time. We can also advise him that it may take a little longer to get to the elite level than he imagines. So his best overall strategy is to buy the racquet he needs now and to wait and see what will be available to him when he gets to the elite level at a future point in time.

    The final piece of good advice that we can give Ashok now is that nobody knows what kind of elite level player he may be when he gets there. Will he be aggressive? Will he be defensive? Or will he be a mixed player? Will he wins his points on his ground strokes or his serves? Since nobody can answer these questions right now, it makes no sense to buy an elite frame now just to save money later because it may very well turn out to be wrong frame for Future Elite-Level Ashok.