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What do you want to do?

1. Shop/Browse
Due to the pandemic, we are not open for browsing/shopping right now. We have reorganized our store to a service counter set up (like Memory Express). Customers who just want to browse and check out prices can do that on our website. At present, we do not allow customers to wander around the store and handle merchandise.

2. Try-One-Before-You-Buy-One Racquet Demo Program
Our racquet demo program allows customers an opportunity to try racquets before buying them. The program is run out of the store and customers must attend the store in person in order to participate. If you wish to enter our demo program, or if you are already participating and want to make an appointment to swap out demo racquets, you can do that here

3. Request a SAFE Fitting Appointment
If you are coming into our store to try on shoes, we need to make sure that no other customers have touched the shoes you will be trying on in the past 24 hours. This requires coordination, especially for the most common sizes. Requiring appointments is the only way to organize this. Please make appointments at least three days ahead of time.

4. Request appointment (for something other than shoes).
Our goal is to communicate with customers as much as possible by email in order to minimize the need for face-to-face conversations. If you choose to make an appointment, please allow a few days lead time so that we can communicate via email before your visit. This will reduce risk on both sides.