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Great Gift Ideas for for High School Volleyball Players

When a young athlete finds a sport they like, it is important to support them with the right shoes and training tools. It is equally important to let them express themselves through colour, styles and equipment choices. Racquet Network carries Calgary’s largest selection of indoor court shoes. We also offer a growing collection of volleyball gear for the high school volleyball player on your gift giving list.

Volleyball Shoes

Running shoes are great for running, but they are lousy shoes to play volleyball in. Volleyball requires movement in all directions but running shoes are only designed for movement in one direct — forward. Try running backward in running shoes and you are liable to catch your heel and go down hard



High school volleyball players want shoes specifically designed for indoor court sports. They want shoes that stick to the hardwood and support athletic movement in all directions. Racquet Network offers more than 100 models of court shoes, many of which are perfect for high school volleyball.

Training Balls

Athletes who are serious about winning take time to train outside of coached practices. In fact, this is where most of their learning takes place.

Racquet Network supports high school athletes by offering a variety of training balls to help them in skills development.

Training Tools

Over the past five years, the use of training tools such as step counters and heart rate monitors by athletes of all ages has exploded.

Training tools help athletes manage their training loads and make smart decisions about nutrition and fitness.

Proper Athletic Clothing

In addition to proper court shoes, it is essential that volleyball players wear non-restrictive athletic clothing. Freedom of movement is essential for all athletes.


Racquet Network carries athletic clothing for volleyball players of all ages.


Good quality athletic clothing helps young athletes manage perspiration and hygiene by wicking away moisture and inhibiting the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Gift Certificates

If you are still not sure what to get the high school volleyball player on your Christmas list, don’t worry. We sell gift certificates in $25.00 increments and our expert staff can help the recipient get exactly what he/she needs.

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Racquet Network Adds Tachikara

volleyballRacquet Network is proud to announce the addition of Tachikara ™ to our brand family.

In addition to offering Calgary’s largest selection of volleyball and court shoes, Racquet Network is now offering Tachikara volleyballs, kneepads and other accessories.

“We expanded our shoe selection going into the fall season, this year,” says owner Brent Johner. “We added 50 new models of court shoes for men, women and juniors, many of which were in the volleyball category. At the same time we added volleyball knee pads. So it made sense for us to go one extra step and support those product lines with Tachikara volleyball balls.”

Tachikara is a Japanese company, founded in 1915, that makes balls and other sports equipment. They are best known for their volleyballs. They make the official ball of NAIA women’s volleyball, and of Volleyball Canada, China, Europe, Oceania, and Africa.

Racquet Network is Calgary’s largest racquet sports specialty store. In addition to carrying racquets and accessories, the company offers the largest selection of court shoes in the city. For that reason, they already have a large and loyal volleyball clientele.