Gift Certificate

CAD $25.00

Many active players have accounts that friends and relatives can contribute to for birthdays and other special events.


Gift certificates do not expire. They can be used in-store or they can be traded in for gift coupons and used online.

Choose as many $25.00 gift certificates as you care to give.

Please enter the recipient’s full name in the appropriate field during the check out process.

If you like, we can also send the gift certificate by mail or email.

Active Player Accounts

Trying to buy a gift for an active player is not easy. Active players accounts make that job a whole lot easier.

Simply make a contribution to their account though a gift certificate or a web coupon.

They will then be able to spend your gift on whatever they need.


If you know the player prefers to shop in-store, give them a gift certificate.

If they do not live in Calgary and prefer to shop online, give them a web coupon.

Either way, it will be immediately deposited in their account and they can use it to get exactly what they need.