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We Buy Used Tennis Racquets


We buy premium tennis frames from the following brands

  • Babolat
  • Yonex
  • Tecnifibre

We do not buy any other brands.


  • Must be 100% graphite premium frames.
  • We do not buy aluminum or fused graphite.
  • Remove all strings. We won’t even look at racquets with string in them.
  • Frames must not be more than 12 years old.
  • They must be clean – clean them with windex first then soap and water.
  • There must be no tape anywhere on the racquet.
  • Bumper guard must be intact – no broken bumper guards
  • If the grip/overgrip is not pristine, it must be removed.
  • Grommets must be intact.


    $80.00 store credit, if purchased from us.
    $40.00 store credit if purchased elsewhere.


Bring them into the store. Do not call. Do not email.

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Racquet Recycling in Calgary


So you just cleaned your garage out and found some old tennis, squash, badminton or racquetball racquets. They seem like they are still in good shape — in fact, they are practically new.

So what to do with them?

You could give them away … if you knew somebody who wanted them.

You could sell them … but that’s a lot of work for the $5.00 price you might get on Kijiji.

Or you could recycle them … or can you?

Can old racquets even be recycled?

If you read the City of Calgary’s website regarding advice for recycling used sporting goods, you will note that they advise putting these things in your black bin.

In other words, they tell you put them in the garbage. This is because, Calgary’s recycling system cannot recycle things like tennis, squash or badminton racquets.

The only way to recycle them is to sell them or give them away so that they can be used again. In doing so, at least you might prevent somebody down the road from buying something new which will also end up in the garbage.

If you are faced with this problem, Racquet Network can help you. We recycle some old tennis, squash, badminton and or racquetball racquets by refurbishing them and selling them to families and recreational players who prefer not to buy something new.

We don’t pay for the old racquets people bring in to be recycled, but neither do we charge people for them. All we do is recover the cost of refurbishment. So if we take an old racquet and refurbish the grips and strings, we sell it for the cost of the grips and the strings. We don’t charge for the racquet itself because we didn’t pay for it.

Now … there are some limits to this program.

First, we don’t refurbish old wooden racquets unless they are in pristine condition and could be used for decorations or props. But if you bring them in, we will look at them and determine what if anything might be done with them.

Second, we don’t repair broken racquets. If the frame is broken, the racquet cannot be recycled. So please put it in your black bin.

Finally, we will not offer you so much as a penny for your old frame. So please do not imagine you are going to come in and haggle with us, because that’s not going to happen.

If, however, you have an old racquet and you want us to help you get it into the hands of somebody who will use it, bring it into the store and leave it with us. If it can be salvaged, we will salvage it. If not, we will dispose of it for you. Either way, your conscience is clear.

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Understanding Babolat’s Pure Aero Series

Babolat Fueled By Fight Banner

Babolat’s Pure Aero series is a premium tennis racquet series created for competitive players with clean strokes who like to hit with top spin. The series consists of a number of models in different weights that correspond to increasing body weight, strength and athletic ability from the ages of 10 through adulthood. As a result, the tennis racquets in the Pure Aero series can grow with players through all stages from beginner through intermediate to advanced/elite.

The chart below organizes the series based on age, gender and skill level. Please remember these are guidelines, not rules. And please remember, too, that we can string everyone of these racquets to suit the age, gender and skill levels of the players.

Guidelines for Babolat Pure Aero Series

Age Female Male
Child 8-10 Pure Aero Jr 25 Pure Aero Jr 25
Child 10-11 Pure Aero Jr 26 Pure Aero Jr 26
Teen 11-13 Pure Aero Super Lite Pure Aero Super Lite
Teen 11-13 Pure Aero Super Lite Pure Aero Lite
Teen 14+ Pure Aero Lite Pure Aero Team
Adult Rec Pure Aero Lite Pure Aero Team
Adult Intermediate Pure Aero Team Pure Aero
Adult Advanced Pure Aero Pure Aero Tour
Senior Pure Aero Lite Pure Aero Team

Babolat Pure Aero Series

Banner: Babolat Pure Aero Series

Racquet Technologies

The Pure Aero series started out as the Aero Pro series way back in 2003. Designed from the outset to generate as much spin as possible, the Aero Pro Drive was an excellent fit for Rafael Nadal’s spin-based game style. Since then it has also been adopted by many champions including Genie Bouchard and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The 2019 version of the Pure Aero continues this tradition by achieving maximum spin through two primary technologies. The first is by making the frame as aerodynamic as possible using a technology system they call Aeromodular 3. Essentially, everything that can cause drag is hidden within the contours of the frame. This helps players achieve maximum swing speed which, in turn, helps to generate maximum spin.

The other technology which contributes to spin in the Pure Aero series is something called I FSI SPIN. This is an open string pattern combined with oblong shaped grommets at the top and bottom of the loop. In theory, this creates longer dwell time for the ball on the strings, which also allows for maximum spin potential.

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How to Test Drive Yonex Vcore Tennis Racquets

Yonex VCORE 100 Tennis Racquet - Red - 280g - Head

Test drive Yonex Vcore tennis racquets before you buy them. These racquets are available as part of our Try Before You Buy racquet demo program offered in our southwest Calgary store.

Demo Program Details

This program is the best way to ensure that the racquet you purchase is the right racquet for you.

Pro shop customers demo more than 2000 racquets every year. The satisfaction rate for customers who participate in this program is nearly 100% six months after their purchase.

This program is offered only in-store. It is not available to online customers.

Customers who wish to enter the demo program or talk to staff about this program, must do so in person. The pro shop does not conduct demo program business over the phone, by email, or by text.

Book an EXPRESS SERVICE APPOINTMENT to discuss this further.

How much does it cost to test drive racquets?

Test driving costs nothing, but customers who enter the program are committing to buying a racquet from us at the end of the one-month trial period.

How does it work?

Test drivers put down a security deposit. This allows them to test drive any racquet we have in our demo program. They can then test each racquet for up to one week. At the end of the one-month trial period, they choose the racquet they want to purchase and their deposit is refunded against the purchase price.

How much is the deposit?

The size of the deposit depends on the number of racquets the customer wants to take out each each week. If they are testing one racquet at a time, the deposit is $50.00. If they are testing two at a time, the deposit is $100.00.

What if I change my mind and do not want to buy a racquet?

Our demo program is only offered to customers who are committed to purchasing a new racquet from us within 30 days. If you do not intend to buy a racquet from us, please do not enter our demo program.

Can I apply my demo deposit to an online racquet purchase?

Our racquet demo program is offered to in-store customers only. Demo deposits can only be applied to in-store purchases. They cannot be applied to online purchases.

How do I start?

Simply make an appointment to come into the store. Bring a valid credit card. One of our experts will set up a demo account and help you choose your first racquet to test drive. This process usually requires about 30 minutes on the first visit. Subsequent visits to drop off and pick up only required a couple of minutes each.

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Which Yonex Vcore Tennis Racquet is Best for Me?

Yonex VCORE 100 Tennis Racquet - Black - 280g - Whole Racquet

Which Yonex Vcore Tennis Racquet is Best for Me?

Yonex Vcore series of tennis racquets was created for players who like to hit with pace and spin.

Every bit of technology that goes into the Yonex Vcore series of tennis racquets is aimed at making these racquets swing faster and generate more power.

In the newest line, Yonex’ engineers have tweaked every possible feature. It is more aerodynamic than ever before. It has enhanced carbon materials that allow more dwell time. Plus, it has improved grommet placement to greater more ball pocketing.

These three features combine to create faster swing speeds which are capable of increasing overall ball spin.

Within the series, however, there are different kinds of racquets for different kinds of players.

The Vcore 95 is for elite singles players who drive balls through the court from the baseline. It is not for doubles players and it is not for beginners. With a tiny 95 square inch head, the Vcore 95 is for players at the 4.5+ level.

At 98 sqare inches, the Vcore 98 is slightly larger and slightly more forgiving. Primarily used by 4.0+ players, the Vcore 98 is also a singles racquet used by many tour pros and challenges.

The all-purpose racquet in this series is the Vcore 100. Like most 100 square inch tennis racquets, the Vcore 100 is suitable for singles and/or doubles and can be used by players all the way from intermediate to advanced/elite. In fact, if this frame is strung with the right string at the right tension, it can even be used by beginners.

All of the frames above come unstrung, meaning players who purchase them will be able to customized them exactly the way they want. The remaining two racquets in the Vcore series — the Vcore Feel and the Vcore Game — come pre-strung and are ready to use right off the shelf.

Both of these pre-strung racquets are 100 square inches, making them suitable for both singles and doubles at the beginner to intermediate level. At 250 grams (8.8 ounces), the Vcore Feel is aimed primarily at ladies and juniors while the Vcore Game (270 grams/9.5 ounces) is aimed primarily at rec-level adult men.

Frames, of course, are only half of the equation. How you string them matters equally as much as the frame you choose. So once you have decided which of these Yonex frames is the best fit for you, come and talk to us. We’ll make sure you string it your best advantage.