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Understanding Babolat’s Pure Aero Series

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Babolat’s Pure Aero series is a premium tennis racquet series created for competitive players with clean strokes who like to hit with top spin. The series consists of a number of models in different weights that correspond to increasing body weight, strength and athletic ability from the ages of 10 through adulthood. As a result, the tennis racquets in the Pure Aero series can grow with players through all stages from beginner through intermediate to advanced/elite.

The chart below organizes the series based on age, gender and skill level. Please remember these are guidelines, not rules. And please remember, too, that we can string everyone of these racquets to suit the age, gender and skill levels of the players.

Guidelines for Babolat Pure Aero Series

Age Female Male
Child 8-10 Pure Aero Jr 25 Pure Aero Jr 25
Child 10-11 Pure Aero Jr 26 Pure Aero Jr 26
Teen 11-13 Pure Aero Super Lite Pure Aero Super Lite
Teen 11-13 Pure Aero Super Lite Pure Aero Lite
Teen 14+ Pure Aero Lite Pure Aero Team
Adult Rec Pure Aero Lite Pure Aero Team
Adult Intermediate Pure Aero Team Pure Aero
Adult Advanced Pure Aero Pure Aero Tour
Senior Pure Aero Lite Pure Aero Team

Babolat Pure Aero Series

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Racquet Technologies

The Pure Aero series started out as the Aero Pro series way back in 2003. Designed from the outset to generate as much spin as possible, the Aero Pro Drive was an excellent fit for Rafael Nadal’s spin-based game style. Since then it has also been adopted by many champions including Genie Bouchard and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The 2019 version of the Pure Aero continues this tradition by achieving maximum spin through two primary technologies. The first is by making the frame as aerodynamic as possible using a technology system they call Aeromodular 3. Essentially, everything that can cause drag is hidden within the contours of the frame. This helps players achieve maximum swing speed which, in turn, helps to generate maximum spin.

The other technology which contributes to spin in the Pure Aero series is something called I FSI SPIN. This is an open string pattern combined with oblong shaped grommets at the top and bottom of the loop. In theory, this creates longer dwell time for the ball on the strings, which also allows for maximum spin potential.