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New Shoe Fittings Policy

The shoe inventory in our pro shop has changed over the past two years.

The pro shop used to carry shoes of all widths from standard to double extra wide. That is no longer the case.

The pro shop’s inventory is now geared towards wide and extra-wide customers who have difficulty finding court shoes that fit.

This is what the pro shop regularly stocks now

  • ladies wide – sizes 6 to 14 (STOCKED)
  • ladies extra wide – sizes 8.5 to 14 (STOCKED)
  • men’s wide – sizes 8 to 13 (STOCKED)
  • men’s extra wide – sizes 8 to 13 (STOCKED)

Customers who are looking for standard-width shoes can still order them from the website and then try them on in the pro shop, but they are no longer regularly stocked. Instead, they are brought in on an order-by-order basis only when a customer orders them to try them on.

  • ladies standard width (NOT STOCKED – ORDER-TO-TRY-ON OPTION AVAILABLE)
  • junior standard width (NOT STOCKED – ORDER-TO-TRY-ON OPTION AVAILABLE)

Appointment Times

Shoe fittings for wide customers are scheduled outside of regular hours:

  • 6:00pm weekdays (by appointment only)

Wide shoe fittings are done by appointment only.

All wide shoe fitting appointment requests must be made through the website. The pro shop does not accept walk-in appointments.


The pro shop offers two different shoe service options.

  1. Order to Try On
  2. Shoe Fitting for Wide Feet


This is the only option for people with standard-width feet.

  1. Order shoes from website
  2. Choose SHIP TO STORE
  3. Receive notification they are ready
  4. Go into the pro shop and try them on

If the shoes don’t fit, you can decline them and your order will be refunded.


This option is for customers who have wide or difficult-to-fit feet.

This option REQUIRES booking an appointment for a shoe fitting.

The pro shop’s inventory is focused on customers who require wide shoes and who cannot generally buy the most popular models which are made for young, narrow feet.

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Specific Shoe Fittings

Occasionally, we get requests for shoe fitting appointments that are highly specific.

For example, a customer might request a shoe fitting and say I am only interested in white shoes or Brand X shoes or Model Y shoes.

We call these specific shoe fittings.

Specific shoe fittings are different from general shoe fittings in several ways.

In a general shoe fitting, a customer is looking for shoes that fit. In a specific shoe fitting, a customer wants to try only only specific shoes — i.e.: specific colors, brands, or models.

In a general fitting, it is easy to help the customer because the only condition they have coming in is “a shoe that fits.”

In a specific shoe fitting, the customer has multiple conditions: the shoe must fit AND it must satisfy their other conditions such as color or model or brand.

In a general fitting, we can almost guarantee that we will have something that fits.

In a specific shoe fitting, we can’t make the same guarantees. We can’t guarantee that we will have any specific colors, models, or brands in stock at some future point in time. Therefore we do not book general fittings for customers who say they are looking for only specific colors, models, or brands.

For these customers, we have a different process. We call it a specific shoe fitting. This process guarantees that the customer will have an opportunity to try on exactly what they want to try on.

Here is the process.

The customer orders the specific shoes they are looking for from our website. These specific shoes are then shipped to the pro shop. The customer is notified by email when they get there.

Once the specific shoes they are looking for arrive in the pro shop, an appointment is set up to allow them to try these shoes on. If they fit, the can take them home. If they don’t — or if the customer doesn’t like them for any reason — the purchase is refunded.

In our experience, this is the best way to deal with customers who are very specific about the shoes they want to try on.

Having these customers in for a general shoe fitting is a waste of their time because we cannot guarantee that we will have the specific thing they are looking for at some future point in time.

This way, the customer tells us exactly what they want to try on. We bring in exactly what they want. So when they get here for their appointment, they are trying on exactly what they wanted to try on — GUARANTEED.

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T3W-Taper (Wide Roman) Toe Line

Diagram illustrating a T3-Taper (Wide Roman) Toe Line

A T3W-taper, sometimes called a Wide Roman toe line, is characterized by the first three toes being of approximately the same length after which the the toe line begins to taper down to the little toe. In extreme cases, the top of the little toe will line up below the base of the large toe on the other side of the foot.

Although this is a relatively common foot shape in the athletes who visit our southwest Calgary store, there are surprisingly few options for this foot shape. Generally speaking, we will only have a few options available in sizes US Men 7 through 11.5.

Because this shape is so hard to fit for court shoes, players with this shape often suffer from blisters, chaffing, black toenails, toe pain, and general foot pain. In the worst cases, these players also develop Morton’s neuromas and/or arthritis in their feet.

As this foot shape is highly subject to damage from the majority of court shoes on the market today, we strongly recommend that these players book an appointment for a shoe fitting to get assistance from our experts.

Shoes with T3-Taper Toe Lines

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T1-Taper (Egyptian) Toe Line

Diagram of a T1-Taper Egyptian toe line with a standard-width forefoot

A T1-taper is characterized by a big toe that is longer than all the rest, with each toe shorter in sequence.

T1-taper toe lines, sometimes called Egyptian toe lines, are most commonly found paired with standard width forefeet on athletes under 30 years old. Players over 30 with T1-taper toe lines often have wide forefeet. This shape is also common in ladies but uncommon in men.

A T1-taper toe line paired with a standard width forefoot is relatively easy to fit into most court shoes because this is the shape that most court shoe designers have in mind when they design their shoes.

A T1-taper paired with a wide forefoot also tends to work well with genuinely wide court shoes. Again, this is because most court shoes are designed with the ideal of an Egyptian foot shape in mind.

As most court shoes are designed with the T1-taper-standard-width configuration in mind, these players will not generally have difficulties finding court shoes that fit.

For T1-taper players who have wide feet, we strongly recommend booking an appointment for an in-person shoe fitting. Our experts are accustomed to working with this shape and our store specializes in inventory for players with wide feet.

Shoes with T2-Taper Toe Lines

Provided they are the correct length and width, all of these T2-taper toe line shoes will work for players with a T1-taper toe line.

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Intro to Shoe Fittings

Our pro shop offers two different kinds of shoe fitting services.

  • Option 1 – General shoe fittings
  • Option 2 – Specific shoe fittings

If you are looking for shoes that fit and are suitable for the sport you are playing, you probably want Option 1 — a general shoe fitting.

If you are looking for a specific color or model or brand, then you want Option 2 — a specific shoe fitting.

Most people aren’t very picky. They just want a shoe that fits properly, is of good quality, and will work for the sport they are playing. For these people, Option 1 (a general shoe fitting) is the best option.

Other people are very picky. They are only interested in looking at one specific model, one specific color, or one specific brand. For these people, we offer a different service called SPECIFIC SHOE FITTINGS.

In order to avoid wasting customers’ time, we need to know which service they are seeking before we book an appointment for a shoe fitting.

Obviously, we don’t want to book an appointment for a customer who wants ONLY a black shoe, if the store may not have a black shoe in stock when they get there.

General Shoe Fittings

When a customer books an appointment for a general shoe fitting, the customer sits on a fitting bench. An expert fits them to determine the length, width, and shape of their foot. Once that is determined, the expert shows them everything in stock at that moment that will fit them. The customer is able to see every model and every color in stock at that moment. The customer then picks something from what is available.

Specific Shoe Fittings

Specific shoe fittings are different. They cannot operate like a general shoe fitting because our pro shop cannot possibly have every model available in every color and every size at all times.

Customers who want to try on only specific shoes, colors, or models can do that, but there has to be a different fitting process for them.

Since everything in the pro shop is sold on a first come first serve basis, we cannot predict that any specific model, brand, or color will be in stock at some future point in time. The shop might have four of Model X in Color Y on Monday and be sold out of it the next day. Therefore we do not book general shoe fitting appointments for customers who are ONLY interested in trying on Model X in Color Y.

For these customers, we have a different fitting process — called a SPECIFIC SHOE FITTING — that guarantees that the shoe they want to try on is in the store at the time of their appointment.

Here is how it works:

Step 1 – Find the shoe on our website.
Step 2 – Order it.
Step 3 – Watch your email for notification that it has arrived in the shop.
Step 4 – Come into the shop and try it on.

If it fits, you can take it home. If it doesn’t, our staff will return it to the warehouse and your order will be refunded.

This process ensures that customers who only want to try on specific models or colors get exactly what they want without wasting their time in a general shoe fitting.

Please be Clear

If you are a customer who is only interested in something specific, please make that clear to us when you request your shoe fitting appointment. We do not wish to waste your time with a general shoe fitting if that is not what you want.