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New Shoe Fittings Policy

The pro shop no longer offers shoe fittings.

Customers who want to try shoes on, may order them from the website and have them delivered to the pro shop.

They will have an opportunity to try them on.

If they don’t fit, or if they don’t want them, they can decline them and their purchase will be refunded.

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T3W-Taper (Wide Roman) Toe Line

Diagram illustrating a T3-Taper (Wide Roman) Toe Line

A T3W-taper, sometimes called a Wide Roman toe line, is characterized by the first three toes being of approximately the same length after which the the toe line begins to taper down to the little toe. In extreme cases, the top of the little toe will line up below the base of the large toe on the other side of the foot.

Although this is a relatively common foot shape in the athletes who visit our southwest Calgary store, there are surprisingly few options for this foot shape. Generally speaking, we will only have a few options available in sizes US Men 7 through 11.5.

Because this shape is so hard to fit for court shoes, players with this shape often suffer from blisters, chaffing, black toenails, toe pain, and general foot pain. In the worst cases, these players also develop Morton’s neuromas and/or arthritis in their feet.

Shoes with T3-Taper Toe Lines

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T1-Taper (Egyptian) Toe Line

Diagram of a T1-Taper Egyptian toe line with a standard-width forefoot

A T1-taper is characterized by a big toe that is longer than all the rest, with each toe shorter in sequence.

T1-taper toe lines, sometimes called Egyptian toe lines, are most commonly found paired with standard width forefeet on athletes under 30 years old. Players over 30 with T1-taper toe lines often have wide forefeet. This shape is also common in ladies but uncommon in men.

A T1-taper toe line paired with a standard width forefoot is relatively easy to fit into most court shoes because this is the shape that most court shoe designers have in mind when they design their shoes.

A T1-taper paired with a wide forefoot also tends to work well with genuinely wide court shoes. Again, this is because most court shoes are designed with the ideal of an Egyptian foot shape in mind.

As most court shoes are designed with the T1-taper-standard-width configuration in mind, these players will not generally have difficulties finding court shoes that fit.

Shoes with T2-Taper Toe Lines

Provided they are the correct length and width, all of these T2-taper toe line shoes will work for players with a T1-taper toe line.

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Help! My Feet are Blistering

For a shoe fitting expert, information about blistering is excellent because it sends a clear signal about what is wrong with the fit of the shoe.

Unfortunately, this awesome information is often tied to equally bad information firmly planted it the customer’s mind about what is causing the blistering. When this happens, it can make it a difficult issue to correct.

Here is the truth about blistering.

Where your feet are blistering will usually indicate what is causing the blisters.

Blistering on the heel, for example, is caused by shoes that are too short. Court shoes that are the correct length will be loose enough in the back not to cause blistering on the heel.

Blistering on the outside of the foot or the side of either the big toe or the little toe is usually caused by shoes that are too narrow.

If blistering in these places is also accompanied by bruised or blackened toenails, then the shoe is to short as well as too narrow.

Blistering on the sole of the foot can be caused by shoes that are too big, but it is most often caused by damp cotton.

Wet skin is weak skin. Weak skin tears. So if you developed a large blister on your forefoot that splits open late in a match, the first thing you should check is your socks.

Wet socks weaken your skin and make it susceptible to tearing.

Either buy some polyester socks or change your cotton socks frequently during your match. Keeping your feet dry is the first step in avoiding skin tears.

We strongly recommend that players with friction issues carry a tube of Body Glide and a tube of Anbesol. The glide can be applied to areas of known friction. The Anbesol can take the sting out of blisters that are starting to develop.

Yonex Men’s Badminton Shoes

A small random selected of our Yonex men’s badminton shoes

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Dodgeball Shoes

Racquet Network carries Calgary’s largest selection of dodgeball shoes for men, women and juniors. In fact, we have the largest selection of court shoes of all kinds.

Come in for a fitting with our experts and leave with the perfect fit for your feet. We are open 7 days a week. Monday to Friday 11:00am to 8:00pm. Saturday and Sunday 11:00am to 5:00pm.

Shoe Selector For a full list of shoes in this category, please check out our ONLINE SHOE SELECTOR. You can sort by sport, gender, brand, size, width and price.

Shoe Selector For a full list of shoes in this category, please check out our ONLINE SHOE SELECTOR. You can sort by sport, gender, brand, size, width and price.