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T2-Taper (Roman) Toe Line

Diagram of a T2-Taper Roman Toe Line

A T2-taper, sometimes called a Roman toe line, is characterized by the first two toes being of approximately the same length after which the the toe line begins to taper down to the little toe.

This shape, paired with a standard width forefoot, is most common in male athletes under 30 years old. In older athletes, this shape is most commonly paired with a wide forefoot.

In ladies, this shape is uncommon, but not rare. When it occurs in ladies’ feet, it is most often paired with a wide forefoot, which can make it difficult to find for players in sizes US Ladies 6, 6.5 and 7.

Players who have this toe line paired with a standard-width forefoot should not have trouble finding court shoes that fit. This shape and the T1-taper are generally favored by shoe designers which means that most court shoes on the market are designed to fit this shape well.

Shoes with T2-Taper Toe Lines