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Morton’s Toe (Greek) Toe Line

Diagram of a Morton's Toe toe line

A Morton’s Toe toe line is characterized by a second toe that is longer than the big toe next to it. It is sometimes also referred to as a Greek toe line.

This shape can be difficult to fit for people buying court shoes. We recommend booking an appointment for a shoe fitting with an expert who is aware of the problems commonly encountered with Morton’s toes.

Improperly fitting players with this foot shape can cause damage to the second toe. It can also lead to the development of hammer toe and/or arthritis in the joint of the second toe.

In shoe fittings for players with Morton’s Toes, our experts check the length of the shoe against the longest toe — not the big toe as is usually done. They also look past the distraction of the second toe to the length of the third toe. If the third toe is as long as the athlete’s big toe (which it usually is), then the fitting is treated as a fitting for a T3W-taper with an additional adjustment for the length of the Morton’s Toe.

Shoes with T3 Taper Toe Lines

In most cases, Morton’s toe lines are just T3W-taper (Wide Roman) toe lines with a longer second toe. Therefore, provided they are the correct length and width, all of these shoes will generally work for athletes with Morton’s Toes.

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How We Communicate our Appointments-only Policy

There is no reason anybody should arrive at our store and be surprised to find that an appointment is required for a shoe fitting.

We go to great lengths to make sure the customers know about our appointments-only policy.

Telephone Message

It is clearly stated in our phone message.

You can listen to this message here:

On Our Website

There is a message posted on literally every page on our 3000+ page website:

Our appointment request form even specifies which services appointments are required for:

On Our Google Page

The information is also published on our Google page.

If you look at it on a desktop, this is what you see:

If you are looking it on your mobile device, it looks like this:

If you click on the UPDATES tab (and you should always click on the UPDATES tab before visiting ANY business during a pandemic) you might see something like this:

If you click on the ABOUT tab, this is what you see:

In fact, even if you click on the PRODUCTS tab you should get the message that appointments are required.

On Our Front Door

If you didn’t bother to call, or check our website, or check our google page before leaving your house, we have signage on our door that also indicates the policy:

We even have signage in Chinese:


While it is unfortunate that some people arrive at our store unaware that this has been our policy since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, there isn’t much else we can do to make people aware of this policy.

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Ship to Store Option

Orders placed through this website may be shipped to your home or business. Some items may also be shipped to our southwest Calgary store for in-store pickup.

We also offer a special SHIP TO STORE option for people purchasing the following items:

  1. shoes
  2. racquet bags


If you see a shoe you are interested in, but want to try it on before committing to purchasing it, you may order it online and choose SHIP TO STORE. Once it arrives in-store, you will be notified so that you can go to the store and try it on.

If it does not fit or if you decide not to purchase it for any reason, it will be refunded.

Racquet Bags

We offer the same option for racquet bags. Simply order online and choose SHIP TO STORE.

You will be notified when it is ready for pickup. If you decide it is not right for you, the order will be canceled and refunded.


Please note that this option does not apply to engraved or customized items. Once items are engrave or customized, they cannot be returned.

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Demo Program Details

Demo Program Details

This program is the best way to ensure that the racquet you purchase is the right racquet for you.

Pro shop customers demo more than 2000 racquets every year. The satisfaction rate for customers who participate in this program is nearly 100% six months after their purchase.

This program is offered only in-store. It is not available to online customers.

Customers who wish to enter the demo program or talk to staff about this program, must do so in person. The pro shop does not conduct demo program business over the phone, by email, or by text.

Book an EXPRESS SERVICE APPOINTMENT to discuss this further.

How much does it cost to test drive racquets?

Test driving costs nothing, but customers who enter the program are committing to buying a racquet from us at the end of the one-month trial period.

How does it work?

Test drivers put down a security deposit. This allows them to test drive any racquet we have in our demo program. They can then test each racquet for up to one week. At the end of the one-month trial period, they choose the racquet they want to purchase and their deposit is refunded against the purchase price.

How much is the deposit?

The size of the deposit depends on the number of racquets the customer wants to take out each each week. If they are testing one racquet at a time, the deposit is $50.00. If they are testing two at a time, the deposit is $100.00.

What if I change my mind and do not want to buy a racquet?

Our demo program is only offered to customers who are committed to purchasing a new racquet from us within 30 days. If you do not intend to buy a racquet from us, please do not enter our demo program.

Can I apply my demo deposit to an online racquet purchase?

Our racquet demo program is offered to in-store customers only. Demo deposits can only be applied to in-store purchases. They cannot be applied to online purchases.

How do I start?

Simply make an appointment to come into the store. Bring a valid credit card. One of our experts will set up a demo account and help you choose your first racquet to test drive. This process usually requires about 30 minutes on the first visit. Subsequent visits to drop off and pick up only required a couple of minutes each.

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What is Premium Stringing?

Premium stringing services allow customers to make a single trip to the store and have their racquet re-strung for them on the spot. When they arrive in the store, a stringer is waiting to string their racquet. When they leave the store an hour later, they take their racquet with them. It is re-strung and ready to use.

Our premium one-hour service option is best for:

  • players who live far away from the store
  • players who do not have a backup racquet
  • players who are in a hurry

This premium upgrade allows players to jump to the front of the line and costs an additional $20.00 over and above base costs of racquet stringing services.

Free Upgrades

Customers who purchase select premium racquets from us in-store receive a coupon code that allows them 10 free premium upgrades which can be applied to the racquet they have purchased. The total value of these upgrades is $200.00.

What is regular service?

Regular (non-premium) racquet service requires making two separate trips to the store: one to drop your racquet off and another to pick it up. Regular racquet service can take up to one week.

We do have a one-day rush option available, but even one-day service requires two trips to the store.