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Morton’s Toe (Greek) Toe Line

Diagram of a Morton's Toe toe line

A Morton’s Toe toe line is characterized by a second toe that is longer than the big toe next to it. It is sometimes also referred to as a Greek toe line.

This shape can be difficult to fit for people buying court shoes. We recommend booking an appointment for a shoe fitting with an expert who is aware of the problems commonly encountered with Morton’s toes.

Improperly fitting players with this foot shape can cause damage to the second toe. It can also lead to the development of hammer toe and/or arthritis in the joint of the second toe.

In shoe fittings for players with Morton’s Toes, our experts check the length of the shoe against the longest toe — not the big toe as is usually done. They also look past the distraction of the second toe to the length of the third toe. If the third toe is as long as the athlete’s big toe (which it usually is), then the fitting is treated as a fitting for a T3W-taper with an additional adjustment for the length of the Morton’s Toe.

Shoes with T3 Taper Toe Lines

In most cases, Morton’s toe lines are just T3W-taper (Wide Roman) toe lines with a longer second toe. Therefore, provided they are the correct length and width, all of these shoes will generally work for athletes with Morton’s Toes.