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How to Mark Pickleball Balls — Permanently!!

A constant frustration for our pickleball playing customers is the speed at which they lose their balls.

Most frequent players buy balls often. The problem is, they aren’t buying them because they are breaking them. They are buying them because other players keep taking them.

You know the story. You go to play pickleball. You are the first one there, so the group ends up playing with your ball.

Next thing you know, you go home and leave your ball behind. So somebody who did not pay for your ball now has a free ball.

Laser Engraved Pickleballs

Laser engraved pickleball balls are permanently marked and more likely to come back to you than balls marked any other way.

Have you tried writing your name on a ball? A lot of good that does.

Permanent marker is not really permanent. You can use it to write your initials on your ball, but it’s not long before the ink is so faded that your initials are barely visible.

Next thing you know, somebody writes their own initials over your faded initials — and your ball is lost forever.

Laser engraving solves that issue permanently because engraving never fades. Pickleball balls that are laser engraved will have your name (or initials) on them forever.

So the chances of getting your balls back goes up significantly and the costs of replacing balls goes way, way down.

Want proof? Buy a dozen and see for yourself.