Yonex Game Model Badminton Racquets

Yonex’ GAME series of racquets was created to give older teens at the recreational level an opportunity to play with racquets that look identical to the racquets their favorite pro badminton players are playing with.

All of the racquets in the GAME series are made in China. They are stripped down versions of the professional racquets. They are made of lower quality graphite and include only a few of the features found in the professional racquets.

The racquets in this series are strung with Yonex demo gut, which is not intended for use in any situation where the results matter. Demo gut is also not suitable for teens who have advanced beyond the intermediate level and are now hitting hard. It is simply not strong enough to withstand these forces.

If you need further information about this series of badminton racquets, you may search the product information pages on this website or you may request an appointment to visit an expert in our store.

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Showing all 4 results