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We Recycle Racquet String

Recycled Racquet String
We do our best to recycle tennis, squash, badminton and racquetball string.
Did you know that racquet string cannot be recycled? Most people don’t. They assume it can, but it can’t.

All synthetic string ends up in landfills. Tennis string, badminton string, squash string, racquetball string, speedminton string. Once we cut it out of your racquet, it’s garbage.

For that reason, we offer arts and crafty people an opportunity to use discarded string one more time before it moves on to the local dump.

All of the string we cut out of racquets is stored in a string-only bin. We hold onto those string pieces until the bin is full.

Anybody who wants it can have it — absolutely free!!

We never mix it with garbage. The only thing in the string bin is clean string. All colours. All gauges. All sports.

Use it for arts and crafts. Use it for whatever you like.

No charge. Just take it away. All we ask it that you put it to use in one way or another.

Please visit our southwest Calgary store in person for more information. No calls. No emails.