Yonex Nanoflare Series Badminton Racquets

Yonex Nanoflare Series replaces the old Nanoray series of badminton racquets. The new Nanoflare series features improved materials and enhanced engineering. Like the Nanoray series before it, the Nanoflare series remains head light and is aimed primarily at skillful players who rely on clears and drops to build their game.

Customers who purchase customized Nanoflare badminton racquets in-store will have an opportunity to test drive them in our Try One Before You Buy One program. They will also be eligible for $200 worth of free stringing upgrades.

Customers who purchase online will not be able to test drive these racquets nor wil they be eligible for free stringing upgrades, but they will be able to get free string, free installation, a free overgrip and free shipping.

Customers who need some assistance choosing the right Nanoflare for their game style are invited to visit us in-store where they will be find friendly, knowledgeable staff who are able to help them.

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Showing all 7 results