Cornilleau Tacteo 50 Outdoor Table Tennis Paddle



The Brand

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Cornilleau is a key brand in the global market place due to high quality, innovative products with a distinctive design. From the development of the resin laminate playing surface (which enables table tennis to be played outdoors) to the patented ‘Compact Technology’ folding concept and the ‘DSI’ safety system, Cornilleau have raised the ergonomics, safety and design of tables to the very top.

All Cornilleau tables are developed and manufactured in France in the Cornilleau family’s native village of Bonneuil-les-Eaux, Picardy.

The research and development laboratory, together with the marketing unit, are also located at the heart of the factory: the French ‘Think Tank’ is set up to devise, design and manufacture products for today and tomorrow.

Strategic Partner

Michelin Logo

Michelin is a world champion across multiple series (Formula 2, Moto, Rally, 24 heures du Mans) with its success attributed to cutting edge research in rubber performance. For this reason, Michelin is a strategic partner for Cornilleau to develop the most advanced racket rubbers on the market.


Launched in 2005, the Tacteo table tennis racket is improving year by year to the rhythm of our innovations. Able to withstand all weather conditions, the 100% French outdoor ping pong racquet has a new colorful look that will rally children and adults to the pleasures of family play.


Illustration: Standard Speed

This 1.2mm sponge offers some speed but this is balanced with a higher degree of control.


Illustration: SKIN

The Skin+ covering is made from injected elastomer. Its innovative geometry gives a better grip and enhanced control.



Injected polymer blade makes this an extremely solid bat which is resistant to impacts, UV rays and humidity.


Illustration: Ergonomic Handle

Soft touch grip which is ergonomic and comfortable to use.


Illustration: Ergonomic Handle

Soft touch grip which is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Product Details

ESW 0.250 kg
ESD 40 × 20 × 5 cm


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