Exceptional Service and Expert Advice

There are many reasons we are consistently rated as one of the best racquet sports specialty stores in Canada.



Racquet Network continues to be one of the highest rated racquet sports specialty stores in Canada.

We do not buy traffic to inflate our reviews. We do not advertise. We are not trying to become a retail giant.

We are comfortable in our niche. We are focused on being the best custom racquet sports shop in Calgary.

Word about our unique local business has spread by word of mouth from one satisfied racquet sports player to another since we opened in 2004.

Customers who visit our store immediately notice that we do some things differently.

Our Phone Never Rings

One of the first things they notice, for example, is that they never hear our phone ring.

This is not accidental. Our phone does not ring through to the store because we want our in-store staff to focus on customers who have taken the time to visit us in person.

Expert Advice

The second thing customers usually notice is that we do not ever try to sell them the newest thing or the most expensive thing.

Our staff are trained to listen to customers describe their needs and to help them find the best solutions for their needs.

In many cases, the best thing we can do is repair what they already own or advise them to take a lesson with a professional. Our staff understand that helping players does not always mean selling them something new.

No Commissions

Finally, new customers often notice that our staff never recommend specific products.

Our staff are trained to recommend categories, not products. We do this to avoid any perception that we are promoting specific products or brands.

The best advice we can offer customers is to try things for themselves and determine what works best of them — because our staff appreciate that every customer is different.