Free Racquet Stringing for Frequent Players

Free racquet stringing for frequent players in Calgary.

Invest some time in building your favourite racquet sport and never pay for racquet stringing services again. Details below.


Racquet Network appreciates and rewards players who are active in helping to grow their sports by keeping people informed about what is happening at their club or at the public courts in their community.

Players who take time to share news and express enthusiasm are making important contributions to the growth of racquet sports in Calgary. They are helping to attract and retain players at a time when participation is diminishing in virtually all sports.

One of the many ways we reward frequent players who make these contributions is through our free stringing upgrades program.

Active players who have achieved specific participation milestones are eligible for free racquet stringing upgrades at Racquet Network. Players who have reached the highest participation levels qualify for free racquet stringing labour.

If you wish to nominate someone to be recognized as an active contributor to the growth of your sport, please contact us by email at Please ensure that the title of your email is FREE RACQUET STRINGING FOR FREQUENT PLAYERS.

Once we have seen that email, we will check a variety of social media channels and review sites to determine that person’s level of enthusiasm.

Here are some of the questions we will be asking:

  • Are they an active member of a league or facility?
  • Do they play on an interclub team? Are they an interclub rep?
  • Have they been active in social media on behalf of their sport?
  • Have they been active in social media on behalf of their club or league?
  • Have they reviewed a variety of clubs and services for their sport on major review platforms?
  • Are they volunteering at tournaments and/or events?
  • Are they using their Google, Facebook or Yelp account to share their enthusiasm?

All of these question are asked against the background context of the most important question of all: Is this person doing their part to help grow their sport? If the answer is yes, we will recognize them in one way or another.

BE AWARE – We get a lot of people who contact us and say “If you give me free stringing I will do this that and the other thing.” This program does not work that way. This is a recognition driven program. We recognize players who have earned the recognition.

We are Racquet Stringing Experts

Our Master Stringers are trained by the US Racquet Stringer’s Association.
Racquet Network is a member of the prestigious Yonex Stringing Team.
In 2017, members of the Racquet Network custom stringing team were invited to string at the Canadian Open Badminton Championships in Calgary.
In 2018, we strung racquets for professionals at the National Bank Challenger Event in Calgary.

Yonex Stringing Team

Yonex official description of the Yonex Stringing Team
Enlarge this image to read Yonex official description of the Yonex Stringing Team

Racquet Network is a member of the prestigious Yonex Stringing Team. We are invited to string at elite tennis and badminton events. While we cannot attend every event we are invited to, we do our best to help out when such events are in Alberta.