Free Grip Repairs and Replacements

We will repair or replace your grip free of charge, when you buy a grip from us.

Single colors can usually be able to do it on the spot.

Custom grips can usually be done the same day — provided they are brought into the pro shop before 2:00pm.

See the gallery below for some samples of the work we do.


Playing with an older racquet that needs some basic repairs? Good for you.

Bring it in, we can help you recondition it by repairing your grip.

We can also advise you regarding strings.

And if you are thinking about replacing it, we can get you into our Try Before You Buy program.

In any case, we will be honest with you and give you good advice.

Just bring your gear in for us to look at.

Cushion Grips

We build a custom cushioned grip for your pickleball, badminton or tennis racquet.

Cushioned grips help to improve performance on soft shots — such as drop shots — by allowing players to lighten their grips on contact.