Unique Racquet Stringing Services

If you think our stringing services are like everybody else’s, then you really don’t know the first thing about us.



There are many good reasons why we have become the go-to place for racquet stringing in Calgary over the past 15 years. While every other stringer is stuck in the past doing the same things they were doing the in 1970s, we have moved forward with higher standards and additional services that meet the high expectations of professional and recreational racquet sports players.


We offer our customers two different categories of racquet stringing services.

Discount Stringing Services are available for players who are more concerned with price than performance. Our discount racquet stringing services give parents an opportunity to maintain their kids’ racquets without breaking the bank.

Custom Stringing Services are available for players who want to maximize performance. Our custom racquet stringing services help players get the best possible performance out of their racquet — be it old or new.


All custom stringing services are protected by our famous Racquet Service Warranty. Although this warranty is used for less than 0.01% of the racquets we string, every custom-strung racquet is protected nevertheless.

Double Verification

In order to ensure that every racquet we string is strung correctly, we require that every job be verified by a Master Stinger before it is removed from our stinging machine. This process guarantees that at least two experts check every racquet before it is released to customers.

Since introducing this verification process in in 2016, our quality control has resulted in a success rate of 100% on more than 5000 consecutive racquets.


We record five important pieces of information on every custom stringing job: string, tension, frame, stringer and verifier.

For Yonex frames purchased in-store, we also record the racquet’s serial number and country code.

Customers who return to us are guaranteed that we will know what was done with their racquet last time and that we can do it exactly the same once again.


Racquet stringing is not a sideline for us. It’s not something we do for a little extra money on the side.

Our racquet stringers are professionally trained, highly skilled trades people that are required to maintain the highest standards.

Our stringers have worked at top tournaments with the world’s best players. They string racquets for some of the most demanding players in the world. They are recognized as members of the Yonex stringing team.

Unlike most pro shops where untrained coaches string racquets as a sideline, our staff are professional racquet stringers.

Stringing Machine

Our stringing machine is recognized as one of the very best stringing machines in the world. It features precision tensioning down to the tenth-of a pound.

Most importantly, however, it features a SIX POINT mounting system. This ensures that the loop of your racquet will not be distorted and subject to breakage once it is strung.

The calibration of this machine is checked daily at the start of every shift in order to guarantee that the tension request by our customers is exactly what they get.

Quality Assurance

In order to assure our customers of the highest level of quality control in our industry, we require our stringers to video record every custom racquet they string.

This process allows custom stringing customers to see for themselves who did their racquet and exactly how they did it.

Every customer stringing video is then posted on our YouTube Channel so that we can refer back to it should anything happen down the road that brings our stringing service into question.

Theft Protection Program

Most of the racquets strung in Calgary come through our shop at one point or another. This puts us in a unique position in that we are able to keep an eye out for racquets stolen from cars and lockers at clubs.

Customers who purchase racquets with serial numbers can rest easy knowing that we record these numbers as part of our Theft Protection Program. When a stolen racquet comes through our shop, Calgary Police Services are notified and stolen property is quickly returned to its rightful owners.

Custom Laser Engraving

Unfortunately, not every racquet has a serial number. So it is not always easy to identify stolen property.

For customers who have purchased racquets without engraved serial numbers, we offer an inexpensive laser engraving service.

For a very small fee, racquets purchased in our store can be laser engraved and enrolled in our Theft Protection Program.

Professional Stencils

In addition to taking racquet stringing to a new level in Calgary, Racquet Network has taken racquet string stenciling a whole new level as well.

Our water-based, heat-dried inks are environmentally friendlier than the solvent based inks used by our competitors.

And while players are normally frustrated by how string stencils applied by hobby stringers detract from performance, they are please to find that our process does not.

Most importantly, though, players can be certain that the inks we use do not transfer stains onto balls and shuttles and from there onto hands and clothing.