Victor Bravesword 12N Badminton Racquet

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Victor Bravesword 12N Badminton Racquet

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The Brand

Victor Sports was founded in Taiwan in 1968. Within a few years, the company’s feather badminton shuttles were generally recognized at the best badminton shuttles in the world. Rapid European expansion occurred over the 1990s as demand for the brand increased worldwide. Today, the quality of Victor badminton products is comparable to Yonex while remaining lower in price across the board.

Our Description

Victor’s Bravesword 12N is an all-round racquet for adult players who play singles or drop-in mixed doubles. It features a balanced frame with a medium flex shaft.

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Manufacturer’s Description

All-round balanced racquet suitable for players at all levels.

Racquet Specifications


This is a medium flex badminton racquet, which makes it suitable for male and female recreational players from teen through adult. Big, strong athletic players may find this frame too soft, but it will be exactly right for average players.


The loop is made of a mix of advanced materials that include ultra high modulus graphite and Nano Resin. The shaft consists of ultra high modulus graphite and Nano Resin. Further details regarding materials are posted further down this page.

Available Weights & Grip Sizes

The Bravesword 12N is being manufactured in a single grip size (5) and two different weights: 3U and 4U. The 4U is an average of 83 grams. The 3U is an average of 88 grams.

Stringing Advice

The heavier racquet (3U) can be strung at higher tensions. The max for the mains is 28 lbs while the max for the crosses is max 30 lbs. The lighter version (4U) is limited to 26 for the mains and 28 for the crosses. The key word here is CAN. Just because the racquets CAN be strung this way does not mean they SHOULD. We recommend 22 lbs for the mains and 24 lbs for the crosses.

Racquet Technology


Illustration of Victor's Sword Racquet Technology
Victor’s Sword technology allows the frame to slice through the air.

This diamond-shaped design cuts through the air like a sword. It significantly reduces air resistance and provides a faster swing speed.

Inner Waves

Illustration of Victor Inner Waves Badminton Racquet Technology
Inner waves technology increases the size of the sweet spot.

Inner waves technology uses clever engineering to lengthen all strings on this racquet in order to provide a larger sweet spot. Compared to the same racquet without Inner Waves Tech, the sweet spot with Inner Waves Tech is %5 larger. This makes this racquet popular with recreational players who are most likely to benefit from a larger sweet spot.


Illustration of Victor Shockless Badminton Racquet Technology
Shockless technology reduces arm fatigue and tennis elbow.

Special shock absorbing materials are located on 3 and 9 o’clock significantly reducing the shock of impact.

Nano Tec

Illustration of Victor Nano Tec Badminton Racquet Technology
Nano Tec makes the frame stiffer and reduces deformation during smashes.

The NANO TEC technology works by evenly distributing nano-sized particles in the vacant spaces between the carbon fiber bundles in the graphite matrix. This dramatically increases the stiffness of the fibers and reduces frame distortion.

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Product Details



Game Group

Singles & Doubles




Grip Size

Frame Weight

4U (80-84g), 3U (85-89g)

Frame Flex


6 months

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